Person Verification Simplify KYC Identity Verification Across the Globe

Individual Verification - overview

Not all KYC identity verification challenges are the same. Leverage a full suite of verification services, hundreds of data sources across the globe and deep expertise to customize onboarding workflows to meet your needs. Combine verification capabilities through a global platform to deliver high match rates, regulatory compliance and the convenience customers expect.



Expand Your Global Reach

Grow confidently beyond borders with agile identity verification that quickly adjusts to new markets and shifting regulations.

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Quickly Deploy Sophisticated Verification

Enrich identity verification for KYC compliance by easily combining different capabilities through our global identity platform without the need for new contracts or engineering resources.

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Build Trust and Protect Your Brand

Provide a secure, trusted onboarding experience that makes a strong first impression on your customers.

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Combine Data and Documents for High Onboarding Assurance

195+ Countries Covered 450+ Data Partners 14,000+ Verifiable ID Documents 5B Potential Customers

Verify Digital Identities Around the World

Companies face complex identity verification challenges that require a sophisticated response. Rise to those challenges with Person Match to quickly and accurately verify digital identities by matching PII to global and local data sources.

Solution - Person Match

Onboard With the Certainty of Identity Document Verification

Onboard customers confidently with real-time ID document verification that enhances security and creates trusted relationships. Capture, analyze and authenticate more than 14,000 identity documents worldwide to add certainty to customer onboarding and risk management.

Solution - Document Verification

Achieve High Assurance Verifying People With E-IDs

Trulioo Electronic Identification empowers organizations to quickly verify people with e-IDs through one contract that connects to an issuer network. Let our global scale and streamlined integration fuel your connection to government and private issuers around the world.


Optimize the Cost of Acquiring a Good, Verified Customer

Layer customized, automated verification capabilities across a single onboarding workflow to match market, risk management or compliance requirements across the globe.

Product sheet - Individual Verification

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Easily Expand Across Borders and Onboard More Users

Learn how Trulioo can help protect businesses and build trust with customers in an increasingly digital world.

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The Identity Experts

Truly Global

In an ever-expanding digital world, Trulioo empowers everyone to take part in the global economy.

Intuitive Technology

Trulioo is the global identity and business verification platform that enterprises turn to for sophisticated capabilities that enable growth, innovation and compliance.

Built for Growth

Trulioo customers can expand quickly, accelerate product launches, optimize onboarding costs and increase speed to market by customizing workflows to meet their specific needs.

You’re in Good Company

Find global success with Trulioo.

Don’t Stop Your Business at the Border

Quickly verify identity data online and grow your global customer base.

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