Case Studies

Trulioo provides AML/KYC compliant electronic identity verification to over 300 enterprise customers worldwide including financial institutions, money transfer companies, online gaming, marketplace and may more.

Access a list of customer case studies below to better understand how GlobalGateway can help your business:

PSI-Pay trulioo customer success story

Case Study: PSI-Pay

Learn how PSI-Pay created a frictionless, scalable verification process using Trulioo's Normalized API.

CricketBet trulioo case studies

Case Study: CricketBet

Learn how CricketBet verified a fraudulent identity inside an hour and beat the fraudster out of a $6K fraud loss using GlobalGateway.

IBFX trulioo case studies

Case Study: IBFX

Learn how IBFX streamlined their account opening process for China using GlobalGateway.

FundRazr trulioo case studies

Case Study: FundRazr

Learn how FundRazr created a layer of trust for crowdfunding using TruDetect.

IG trulioo customer success story

Customer Success Story: IG

Learn how IG expedited their account opening process with GlobalGateway using Trulioo's Normalized API.