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Instantly verify identity data online and grow your customer base.

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Don’t stop your business at the border.

Every market has its own idiosyncrasies: different formats for names and addresses, local regulations for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), a variety of data sources to choose from. Mastering identity verification in each market takes time and expertise.

Whether you’re operating in multiple countries today or planning to expand, you need an identity verification solution that’s as global as your customers.

You need superior match rates out of the gate, to drive customer acquisition. You need to be able to add a new country with one support request, so you can go to market faster.

GlobalGateway Identity Verification gives you that international reach, offering coverage that is unmatched in the industry. Verify identity data in over 80 countries, with new markets added regularly.


Verify 5 billion identities. Here’s how.

1. To request a verification, send identity data to GlobalGateway, such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • National ID number
  • Mobile number

2. GlobalGateway compares the identity data to reliable and independent data sources.

3. Get back comprehensive match results in real time.

4. Seamlessly onboard verified customers or perform Enhanced Due Diligence to mitigate risk.

Easily scale or adapt Identity Verification for your future business needs. For another layer of protection, you can add ID Document Verification to your workflow.

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Did you know?

The GlobalGateway API normalizes hundreds of identity data fields from different countries to just 30 fields, using built-in intelligence and mapping. With fewer fields to configure, businesses can scale up more quickly and smoothly.

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Why choose GlobalGateway to verify identity data?

Get international coverage

No other identity verification provider can connect you to such an extensive marketplace of data sources. You can verify identity data in established and emerging markets, including the 10 most populous countries. Contact us to get a complete coverage overview.

Dig into the results

GlobalGateway doesn’t return an obfuscated risk score. Instead, you get full transparency, with a comprehensive matrix of match results for each identity attribute from each data source. This clarity helps you fine-tune your processes to optimize results.

Work with experts

Trulioo understands identity verification around the world like no one else. Accelerate your learning curve and benefit from our experience, gained by supporting the world’s largest financial institutions, payment providers and online marketplaces.

Safeguard privacy

Trulioo puts significant efforts into vetting our data sources, clients and operations to ensure the highest standards of data privacy. We follow local and international privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.


Maximize your matches and minimize your risk.

GlobalGateway gives you the flexibility to design the identity verification workflow that fits your business needs. No matter your industry, use case or customer journey, we’ve got you covered.

Customize rulesets
Adapt to regulations based on industry, region and transaction amounts. Pick the verification rules that help you onboard more customers while reducing manual verification and maintaining compliance. 

Combine verification services
Verify ID documents along with identity data for added risk reduction and user authentication. The identity data can also be screened against global watchlists and sanctions lists.

Integrate, your way.

Three flexible options for connecting to GlobalGateway

One API integration connects your system to all the identity data and services you need. The GlobalGateway API is country-agnostic, with hundreds of data attributes normalized to a handful of standard data fields.

Customer-facing personnel can use the GlobalGateway portal in their browser to test and run individual transactions.

Create customizable identity forms that are preconfigured to work with the GlobalGateway API. EmbedID is a low-code developer tool that helps you integrate with minimal engineering and maintenance.

See how it’s done.

Identity intelligence on demand.

Monitor verification requests yourself, and get alerts and insights from the Trulioo team.

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Optimize acceptance rates

Review verification results and identify opportunities to optimize match rates by updating the rule configurations for each country.


Monitor performance

Gain valuable insight and understanding of the overall performance through in-depth metrics and analytics.


Access historical transactions

Keep track of every identity verification transaction. Pull detailed reports of past verifications quickly and easily.

Pricing for GlobalGateway


$0Get Started


$99/mthGet National


$199/mthGet International


Let's TalkGet Enterprise

GlobalGateway portal
Online access to test customer data against our identity verification products

Start your identity verification with our national product (U.S. or Australia)

Get more with the international product (U.S., Australia + 3 countries)

Enterprise plans for high-volume companies with all countries included


100 transactions

100 transactions

Monthly minimum transactions

Batch service
Have our team run customer data against identity verification sources and provide you valuable insights and analytics

$0.65 / national transaction

$0.65 / national transaction
$1.60 / international transaction

Country-specific transaction costs

Default match rule

Pre-defined match rules per country

Custom match rules per country

Portal access

Portal access

Portal access

API access

API access

API access

AML watchlist

AML watchlist

AML watchlist

Standard reports

Standard reports

Standard reports




Credit card payment

Credit card payment

Credit card payment or invoice

Email support

Email support

24/7 email and telephone support

Dedicated account manager

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See how GlobalGateway Identity Verification can help you mitigate risks, protect customers and foster relationships built on trust.

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