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Trulioo offers On-Demand ID Document Verification within GlobalGateway, the leading online electronic identity verification (eIDV) platform developed for the international market. ID Document Verification analyzes, verifies and authenticates 3,500 different types of identity documents from nearly every country in the world. Trulioo’s document verification partner performs checks to determine authenticity and legitimacy as well as ensuring a document is not forged or altered.

The combination of eIDV and ID Document Verification during the Customer Due Diligence check can assist you in meeting your Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) compliance requirements, as well as reducing the risk of fraud.

ID Document Verification augments GlobalGateway’s access to over 200 reliable and independent data sources, including credit, electoral roll, government, public, telecommunication, utility, and consumer files.


  • Mitigate risk from online identity fraud
  • Reduce customer abandonment
  • ID Document Verification for nearly every country in the world
  • Assist in AML/KYC compliance
  • Global eIDV, Document Verification, and AML Screening through a single integration and contract
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Trulioo is the first global identity verification provider in the market to deliver both eIDV and ID document verification through a single solution and contract. GlobalGateway offers a truly convenient one-stop identity verification solution for your business.