ID Document Verification

Authenticate ID documents effectively and verify users with unparalleled global coverage.

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Hello, customers. Goodbye, fraudsters.

When verifying ID documents online, you need to do it effectively. Using intuitive image capture and automated verification technology, you can onboard legitimate customers quickly and securely.

Effective ID document verification also means having the confidence that you’re catching forged, expired and stolen IDs before they can be used to commit fraud.

And when you have customers all over the world, you need a solution built for the world. ID documents vary from country to country, and so do customer expectations and attitudes toward privacy, speed and security. 

GlobalGateway connects you to a network of identity verification services to offer the most comprehensive global coverage for ID document verification.

Capture, analyze and authenticate over 4,200 types of identity documents for customers in nearly every country.

Here’s how we run effective document checks on a global scale.

1. Customers use guided prompts to capture images of ID documents using a mobile device or high-quality webcam:

  • Driver’s licenses
  • Passports
  • Identity cards
  • Resident permits
  • Voter ID cards

Did you know? 

According to consumer research in the U.S. and UK, 85% of customers say they feel safer when online sites want to verify their identity.

Why choose GlobalGateway to verify ID documents?

Get optimal global coverage

A single standalone provider can’t match the combined coverage available through the GlobalGateway network. We can verify over 4,200 types of ID documents across 195 countries. Contact us to get a complete overview of supported document types by country.

Put technology to work

Machine learning and artificial intelligence help verify ID documents more efficiently. Documents are checked against templates and evaluated for white spots, blurriness, under/over exposure.

Experience pays

Our team has broad and deep knowledge of identity verification and authentication, thanks to years of serving large global enterprises. We act as trusted advisors to help you understand your options and monitor performance to get the best results.

Privacy is a given

Trulioo does not store personally identifiable information (PII) or document images. We follow privacy regulations to the nth degree, maintain ISO 27001 certification, and require our partners to meet the same standards.


Workflows that work smarter, not harder.

Engineered for simplicity.

Access the widest range of identity services and data sources through one integration. Even if you don’t have in-house development resources.

See how it’s done.

Identity intelligence on demand.

Monitor verification requests yourself, and get alerts and insights from the Trulioo team.

Compare vendors

Get a side-by-side view of automatic and manual verification results to optimize workflows.

Monitor performance

Gain valuable insight and understanding of the overall performance through in-depth metrics and analytics.

Access historical transactions

Keep track of every identity verification transaction. Pull detailed reports of your verifications quickly and easily.

GlobalGateway plans

Trulioo offers three flexible, pay-as-you-go plans for GlobalGateway, the most comprehensive digital identity verification marketplace. Access our unmatched global network of trusted data sources for fast and seamless identity verification. Get only what you need, without minimum spends, long-term contracts or complex licensing.

From end to end, GlobalGateway is engineered for unparalleled results.

Get a LIVE demonstration of our global network of document verification services, and see how we can optimize your verification results.

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