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Know Your Business (KYB) in seconds with instant access to registers around the world.

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Gather global business insights and data with ease.

Conducting business on an international level comes with complex challenges. Varying regulations, local languages and diverse standards for business IDs can make obtaining accurate and up-to-date information for compliance and due diligence purposes even more difficult.

How can you make sure that the companies you’re onboarding are legitimate ventures and not false fronts for corruption, fraud and money laundering?

Regardless of where you’re located or where you’re looking to go, GlobalGateway Business Verification makes it easier to address KYB compliance at any level, anywhere in the world. 

Complete with transliteration and multilingual business verification capabilities, GlobalGateway uses a tiered process to verify business details for:

  • Digital onboarding
  • Ongoing Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance
  • Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO)

Here’s how we verify companies: quickly and effectively.

1. Verify the company’s vitals, such as:

  • Business registration number
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Status
  • Key management personnel
  • Date of incorporation

2. Identify any connected entities and Ultimate Beneficial Owners.

3. Perform AML/KYC checks on Ultimate Beneficial Owners to verify their identities.

4. Download official company records to act as a Record of Authority.

5. Screen the company and its owners against global watchlists and sanctions lists.

Did you know? 

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are growing in numbers and influence around the globe. The World Bank reports that SMEs account for 90% of businesses and 50% of employment worldwide.

Why choose GlobalGateway to verify businesses?

Get worldwide coverage

GlobalGateway connects to reliable and independent data sources in over 195 countries, including government registries, public records data, PEP, sanctions and criminal watchlists. Contact us to get a complete overview of country coverage.

Maximize accuracy with custom workflows

Perform KYB and KYC checks depending on the circumstances and risk levels. Leverage business search alone, combine business verification with watchlist screening, or identify, verify and screen UBOs. Data sources are chosen automatically for you to deliver the most accurate results dependent on your request.

Verify in any language, at any level

No matter where you’re drawing business data from, GlobalGateway Business Verification can automatically translate the language format with rapid, accurate results. From high-level business data to stringent UBO-level verification, KYB has a service tier to match any business verification you need.

Enjoy a hands-free, optimized KYB solution

Completely automated with continuously evolving data sources, KYB is built to deliver highly accurate details in a standardized format so there’s no manual review or interpretation required.


Full transparency means actionable results.

Backed by a comprehensive, flexible service tiering, you can meet any KYB compliance at any level in the world with even greater clarity and speed.

KYB – Essentials
Verify essential information about potential business customers anywhere in the world and onboard businesses on a global scale.

KYB – Insights
Perform AML/KYC checks on potential business customers complete with key ownership information and get everything you need for regulatory reporting and internal compliance.

KYB – Tree of Ownership
Complete traversal screening for any business with detailed information on ownership and key personnel included in a consolidated, standardized format — allowing you to view and download in-depth incorporation documents, UBO data and corporate filings for your due diligence.

Integrating? You’ve got options.

Choose the connection that fits your technology and onboarding workflows. Automate where you can and go manual when you need to.

See how it’s done.

Global KYB verification for global business.

See how automation combined with transliteration saves time and resources when verifying businesses anywhere in the world.

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