Global Watchlist
Screening and Monitoring

Tap into over 6000+ watchlists worldwide with continuous monitoring to help ensure the integrity of your user base.

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Keep the bad actors out.

Whether you’re operating locally or internationally, you need a watchlist screening solution that circles the globe.

Through GlobalGateway Watchlist, you can ensure your user base has the lowest risk of fraud, money laundering, corruption, financial crime and terrorism — all through a single, easy-to-integrate API.

With expanded global coverage, continuous monitoring and customizable risk thresholds, it has never been easier to perform Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks for users and crypto wallets.

Screen and monitor against thousands of AML watchlists around the world that are updated in real-time, including:

  • OFAC
  • U.N. Terrorism list
  • Her Majesty’s Treasury
  • EU Sanction Lists
  • The Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade
  • And thousands more!

Here’s how we perform AML watchlist screening.

1. A customer submits personally identifiable information (PII) when creating an account online.

2. The identity data is compared to global AML watchlists.

3. GlobalGateway flags a customer if their name appears on any watchlists, sanctions lists or PEP lists.

4. Customers are continuously monitored thereafter to ensure user integrity throughout the identity lifecycle.

Did you know? 

Every year, an estimated $800 billion to $2 trillion gets laundered around the world, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. And Anti-Money Laundering programs currently catch only 1% of that money. Global identity verification is essential for keeping more dirty money out of our economy.

Why choose GlobalGateway for AML watchlist screening?

Increase accuracy of AML watchlist checks

Onboard more users, improve operational efficiencies and significantly reduce the chance of manual review with automated workflows, custom configurations and enhanced matching algorithms.

Automated continuous watchlist monitoring

If a sanction is imposed anywhere in the world, you can work confidently knowing that your entire userbase will be continuously monitored and your company will be alerted of any changes to a user’s status.

Custom risk thresholds

Different customers have different risk thresholds around false positives which is why you’ll be provided with a relevancy score tailored to your use case to ensure that any flagged users are truly worth your attention.

Simple integration

Watchlist integrates via the same, simple API configuration as all other GlobalGateway services, meaning that with a simple addition you can waterfall Watchlist alongside other verification services.


Verification + screening = less risk, more efficiency.

With a best-in-class, intuitive workflow builder integrated into GlobalGateway, you can combine AML watchlist screening with Identity Verification and Business Verification for more powerful workflows.

Verify and screen customers
Identity data collected from a customer is compared to independent data sources to verify that the individual exists. The AML watchlist check runs at the same time and flags high-risk identities.

Verify and screen business owners
As part of Know Your Business processes, identify Ultimate Beneficial Owners and verify their identities while also screening them against AML watchlists.

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Ensure the integrity of your user base from the point of onboarding and beyond.

See how GlobalGateway delivers enhanced accuracy and reduced false positives with less need for manual reviews.

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