Identity verification for

Wealth Management

Implement gold standards for customer experience and global compliance.

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Compliance and convenience through one simple integration.

Financial services providers operate in highly regulated global markets, and keeping up with all these regulatory changes is an ongoing business challenge.

As businesses look to expand internationally, they’re faced with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance requirements that can differ in every region or country.

Trulioo GlobalGateway helps you streamline thorough, comprehensive, and real-time identity checks against known or suspected money launderers, politically exposed persons (PEP), or other high-risk individuals without impacting the customer experience.

Protect your customers and your reputation.

Onboard quickly
Onboarding with your company is a customer’s first impression, so make it count. Onboard customers quickly and efficiently and reduce customer abandonment rates.

Stop financial crime
Validate the sources of the money you’re managing so you can be confident that you’re not supporting AML or terrorism financing.

Be the trusted provider
With so much fraud and online risk, customers want a wealth manager they can trust with their assets and to safeguard their personal information.

Why GlobalGateway is the right choice for wealth management

Balance speed and security

Deliver a gold standard digital experience with the right amount of friction, based on the level of risk you are willing to accept.

Unmatched security

Deliver compliance, transparency and information security with data handling and privacy protection measures that meet ISO 27001 standards.

Future-proof your identity verification

Built with agility and flexibility at its core, GlobalGateway continues to expand its services to include the latest identity verification technologies.

Global expertise and coverage

Our unparalleled global coverage combined with our identity verification expertise has helped hundreds of businesses worldwide scale and become leaders in their industries.

Case study: wealth management

We are currently onboarding U.S. and international clients onto our brokerage platform. GlobalGateway’s streamlined API access to international databases allows us to almost instantly pass or fail applicants on a mass scale.”


— Anthony Denier, CEO, Webull

“Trulioo helped us onboard 100,000 accounts in just the first six months — all while providing a seamless user experience.”