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Global AML and KYC for digital onboarding.

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Prevent fraud and eliminate compliance risks.

Globalization and a thriving digital world has made transferring money across international borders easier than ever. While this is helping businesses rapidly expand internationally, it also comes at the risk of fraudsters manipulating the system.

Money transfer companies face increasing responsibilities to prevent financial crime by verifying customer identities, businesses and documentation to meet Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), and Counter Terrorist Finance (CTF) regulations. With these regulations differing in every jurisdiction, you need an agile solution that helps you stay on top of regional differences and regulatory changes as they happen.

With Trulioo GlobalGateway, you can validate, authenticate and verify identities online. Once verified, you can also screen against hundreds of real-time AML watchlists around the world, including sanction lists and politically exposed persons (PEPs) lists, to ensure you keep out the bad actors and avoid enforcement action.

Fast and frictionless onboarding that fits your business needs.

Onboard quickly
Provide an efficient, secure and seamless customer onboarding experience.

Easily detect fraud
Combat online crime by confirming your customers are who they say they are before doing business.

Deliver second-to-none security
Build a credible reputation for doing the due diligence your customers deserve.

Why GlobalGateway is the right choice for remittances

Reduce onboarding costs

Maximize your identity verification investment by increasing operational efficiencies and eliminating manual processes and losses from customer abandonment.

Enhance your reputation

Our reliable and trusted solution promotes trust, while safeguarding your customers’ transactions and addressing their fears of identity theft and data breaches.

Simplify integration

Trulioo has already done all the hard work of vetting and sourcing 400+ identity data sources and services to bring you one API and one integration you can rely on.

Adapt to new regulations

GlobalGateway helps you meet evolving AML, KYC and CTF regulations around the world, ensuring you’re always compliant, wherever you do business.

Case study: remittances

GlobalGateway enables Nium (formerly InstaReM) to verify the identity of its clients and screen them for sanction, watchlist, PEP checks, negative news checks, etc. Some other tools we tried earlier offered either verification or screening. We were looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one system. Trulioo GlobalGateway has been the ideal and the best available solution for our specific requirement.”


— Michael Bermingham, COO, Nium

“The integration process was absolutely smooth. The sandbox environment provided by Trulioo helped us to quickly test and integrate the service to the Nium infrastructure.”