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Payment Service Providers

Streamline account opening without compromising security.

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Make onboarding easier for customers, impossible for criminals.

Maintaining regulatory compliance is a high priority for payment providers seeking to mitigate risks and protect their reputations. And with fraud on the rise, fraud prevention is equally important, to detect and deter bad actors at every step.

But security can’t come at the cost of speed. Payment companies want to deliver a positive experience for good customers, to drive conversions and increase satisfaction.

An identity verification solution needs to be robust and flexible, to deliver strong compliance and fraud controls as well as a quick simple onboarding process.

GlobalGateway delivers that solution, connecting you with hundreds of data sources and verification services in 195+ countries, all through one integration. So you can distribute more payments on your network while fending off fines and fraudsters.

Accelerate customer acquisition with safe and compliant workflows.

Be compliant
Meet Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

Onboard quickly
Verify identities in real time so fewer customers abandon the sign-up process.

Reduce fraud
Prevent false or illegal transactions due to identity theft and merchant identity fraud.

Build trust
Instill confidence in your company and the people and businesses in your network.

Why GlobalGateway is the right choice for payments

Move money globally

Operating in multiple jurisdictions brings many regulatory complications. Trulioo has done the work of vetting and partnering with hundreds of data sources and verification services, especially in strong and growing regions like Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Prevent crime

When bad actors can’t get access to your services, they have fewer opportunities for fraud and money laundering. Robust identity verification and business verification helps you avoid bottom line losses and non-compliance fines.

Serve more people

Frictionless onboarding rolls out the welcome mat for new customers. And a global identity network helps you verify the thin-file and underbanked population — a significant step toward financial inclusion.

Build trust

Digital verification helps you assess the risk of customer and merchant identities, so you can make decisions with confidence. It also demonstrates to your customers that they can trust you to safeguard their transactions. More trust, more trade.

Case study: payment providers

Our verification process is now done in a slick and efficient way, and customers feel as though they are not being delayed unnecessarily. Thanks to Trulioo, we now have a strong foothold in the Canadian market and are expanding very rapidly — 40% growth year over year.”


— Phil Davies, CEO, PSI-Pay

As a payments company that operates across borders, PSI-Pay needs identity verification technology with flexible and ubiquitous compliance features. With GlobalGateway, PSI-Pay has put its verification process on autopilot. “Good customer experiences enhance our expansion processes because we’re taking people on more quickly. Higher match rates improve the overall health of our business.