Identity verification for

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Assure strong AML/KYC compliance and seamless customer onboarding.

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One integration to quickly comply with evolving global regulations.

Effective identity proofing procedures are fundamental to meeting Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) requirements.

Governments continue to toughen their compliance standards on the cryptocurrency industry, and having a secure identity verification solution helps the industry establish and maintain the levels of credibility and integrity that regulators demand.

The onboarding experience must also be quick and seamless so your customers don’t abandon you for a competitor. Onboarding processes that are secure, fully compliant and have robust fraud prevention measures are fundamental for cryptocurrency exchanges who want to establish themselves as trusted brands and scale their operations.

The Trulioo GlobalGateway identity network enables you to implement an adaptable risk-based approach to identity verification. Organizations can vary the types of identity information they request to best match market requirements and risk scenarios. GlobalGateway provides a holistic identity solution to meet customer onboarding needs worldwide, now and into the future.

Implement onboarding capabilities built for global audiences.

Ensure global compliance
Operating in multiple jurisdictions brings many regulatory and operational challenges. Trulioo has years of experience in helping organizations address the complexities of global AML/KYC regulations.

Reduce fraud risk
Effective verification helps prevent the risk of identity fraud and other fraudulent activity.

Optimize your onboarding process
Easily create, combine and modify workflows for different jurisdictions, use cases and identity risk profiles to balance security with a frictionless onboarding experience.

Build trust
Strong identity verification measures demonstrate to customers, partners and regulators that you take your financial obligations seriously.

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Why GlobalGateway is the right choice for cryptocurrency

Accelerate expansion

Support your go to market strategy with instant identity verification for up to 5 billion users and 330 million businesses in 195+ countries.

Accelerate expansion

Support your go to market strategy with instant identity verification for up to 5 billion users and 330 million businesses in 195+ countries.

Simplify integration

One API and one integration. We’ve done all the hard work to make it easy for you: procuring, auditing, contracting, integrating, testing, and updating 400+ data sources and verification services.

Enhance your security and reputation

Deliver end-to-end compliance, transparency and information security with data handling and privacy protection measures that abide by strict ISO 27001 standards.

Implement bank-grade technologies

Scale without concern with systems and processes built to handle the demands of Fortune 500 companies and global banks.

Case study: Cryptocurrency

Having a plan to expand globally, Metal Pay needed a partner that had the ability to complete verification for both individuals and institutions on an international level, while meeting all the KYC requirements, and Trulioo was the only company that was able to show us this global presence and expertise.”

Marshall Hayner, Founder and CEO at Metal Pay

“We are required to comply with Know Your Customer and compliance requirements to verify the identity of each and every individual who signs up to our platform. It’s important that we work with a partner that understands that and has a great record in the industry.”

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