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Accurate Proof of Address and Know Your Customer (KYC) verification in seconds to sign up new customers faster

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Optimize your cryptocurrency exchange customer onboarding

Trulioo GlobalGateway is the proven identity verification platform that enables top crypto exchanges, global banks and Fortune 500 companies with secure, seamless onboarding for quicker signups, better match rates and intelligent risk management.


Accelerate customer acquisition with fast KYC

Meet customer onboarding expectations with automated, trusted digital identity verification in seconds.


Strengthen AML/KYC cryptocurrency compliance

Achieve compliance requirements with flexible, adaptable workflows to match your unique risk needs.


Maximize your global
identity verification coverage

Get more instant approvals and fewer manual reviews with industry-leading 450+ databases and access to five billion people in over 195 countries.


Integrate new crypto markets faster

Expand into new cryptocurrency markets without having to rebuild your verification workflows from scratch or adapt your contract. With one API and one global contract, you can rapidly start verifying people in new countries.


Simplify Proof of Address verification

Accurate, automated address verification through UtilityID delivers Proof of Address in seconds without manual review or requiring customers to upload documents.


Global KYC match engine

The reach, expertise and technology to intelligently process massive amounts of data to effectively scale and adapt to handle your worldwide verification needs.

Case study: Cryptocurrency

Having a plan to expand globally, Metal Pay needed a partner that had the ability to complete verification for both individuals and institutions on an international level, while meeting all the KYC requirements, and Trulioo was the only company that was able to show us this global presence and expertise.”




— Marshall Hayner, Founder and CEO at Metal Pay

STACK, an alternative fintech company, leverages GlobalGateway during the member onboarding process to verify the identity of members and meet AML, KYC and FINTRAC requirements. “As we continue to grow, a fast, reliable and seamless identification process during account opening is critical.”



Scale for global growth while avoiding compliance stumbles

Your crypto exchange should provide a fast, seamless customer experience. But many verification solutions rely solely on document verification — a slow and painful process that frustrates customers and can lead to abandonment. Trulioo verification processes use digital identity to enable customers to sign up in minutes:

  • Fast and simple for customers
  • Provides risk intelligence to gauge verification risk
  • Layer in document verification as needed

Implement onboarding capabilities built for global audiences.

Your verification systems must be able to adapt to new global regulations and opportunities. Many verification companies don’t have access to or expertise in multiple markets. Even if they do, whole new procedures are often necessary, making expansion or change slow and problematic. Trulioo is built from the ground up as a global verification service, making expansion faster and easier.

Exceeding customer onboarding expectations is not only about speed; it’s also about performing appropriate checks and adhering to your risk protocols. You can’t sacrifice compliance, fraud prevention, or other risk mitigation measures. With operational knowledge and expertise in multiple markets, Trulioo knows what works to improve acceptance rates and compliance programs. You can easily customize workflows to meet your criteria for different markets, use cases and risk scenarios.

Trulioo has the identity data, technology and expertise to be your trusted global partner:

Processes that speed the customer journey to funding

Technology that can scale to meet your global needs

Local expertise in each market you operate in to optimize acceptance rates

Strict security and privacy protocols to protect your client information

A future-proof, unified identity platform to meet customer onboarding needs around the world

Holistic solution

Mix and match Identity VerificationID Document VerificationProof of Address and AML Watchlist Screening processes to meet your requirements. Add in additional layers of data such as mobile or geolocation for further risk mitigation.

Innovative technology

Get better verification match performance with the power of AI and machine learning technology. Automate Proof of Address checks with UtilityID. Easily refine and optimize workflows with no-code visual client onboarding orchestration (coming soon).

Robust systems

Bank-grade operations that deliver end-to-end compliance, transparency and information security that abide by strict ISO 27001 standards. Scale without concern with systems and processes built to meet today’s compliance goals while future-proofing against shifting regulations.

Trusted expertise

At Trulioo, we’re not just a vendor. We’ve been helping our partners improve their verification and compliance workflows for over a decade. We have deep experience in global markets and cryptocurrency use cases and provide dedicated identity specialists to work with you to get the results you expect.

The result is the fastest onboarding experience and more customers

Trulioo’s unique, global identity verification platform offers the best-in-class solutions for Proof of Address, identity verification, document verification, and AML watchlist screening that enable you to implement an adaptable risk-based approach to identity verification. Your organization can vary the types of identity information requested at onboarding to match market requirements and risk scenarios.

Organizations switching to Trulioo have seen their verification rates rise by upwards of 40% when compared to their current providers. With an effective identity verification in place, you can trust your AML/KYC crypto compliance procedures are robust and your customer onboarding experience is seamless.

Learn more about Crypto KYC requirements.

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Speed up your customer onboarding

“The more users we have that are able to onboard in their first attempt, the higher the chances that they’ll start taking advantage of our platform. The current approval rate is very impressive as this is a major business KPI.” — Michael Arbus, CEO at Bitbuy

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