The more you know about potential business clients or other third-parties, the better you can assess the potential risks of doing business with them. The quicker you can acquire that information, the quicker you can decide whether to accept or decline their business, and the smoother the onboarding process is.

One reliable source for verifying business information is the actual shareholder documents. Beneficial ownership information is a requirement for enhanced due diligence situations in Europe and coming soon in the US and other jurisdictions. However, determining the ownership structure and who is an ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) is traditionally a complex, time-consuming, and expensive process. Accurate and up-to-date shareholder information is crucial for making the most informed decisions about whether or not to do business with a client.

Fortunately for compliance teams, data-driven solutions are available to speed and simplify Know Your Business processes, including the beneficial ownership discovery process. Trulioo’s on-demand Business Verification Service analyzes, verifies and provides data intelligence for 250 million business entities in over 80 countries.

The solution enables real-time identification and verification of company records through official registers, completes an AML check of the business through watch list sources, uncovers the UBO structure, and performs eKYC checks for all individuals deemed to be a UBO.

In addition to verifying the business vitals of a company, Trulioo has added the capability to request and download the Shareholder documents directly from the Government Registry. This functionality enables Trulioo’s clients to request shareholder documents directly from the Government Registry responsible for issuing these documents, which will reduce fake or forged documents submitted by their customers.

Retrieving Business Documents from Government Registry

The Retrieval of Registry documents is currently available in 31 countries. The table below shows the countries as well as the type of documents that include information about shareholders.

Country Document Type
Belgium Register Check
Denmark Register Report
Estonia Articles of Association
Finland Articles of Association
France Register Check
Germany Shareholder List
Gibraltar Register Check
Guernsey Register Check
Hong Kong Articles of Association
Hungary Register Report
Ireland Articles of Association
Italy Articles of Association
Jersey Articles of Association
Latvia Articles of Association
Lithuania Register Report
Luxembourg Articles of Association
Macedonia Register Check
Malta Register Report
Netherlands Register Check
New Zealand Articles of Association
Norway Register Report
Poland Register Report
Romania Register Report
Russia Federation Register Check
Serbia Register Report
Slovenia Register Report
Spain Register Report
Sweden Articles of Association
Switzerland Register Report
United Kingdom Shareholder List

Adding Shareholder document retrieval to Trulioo’s Business Verification service enables compliance teams to better perform due diligence on business prospects. Download the Business Verification Brochure to learn more.