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Verification Tools Form the Foundation for Successful Trust and Safety Teams

Marketplace Optimization

January 18, 2024  

Robust, accurate digital identity verification tools help trust and safety teams ensure online marketplaces meet regulatory and consumer expectations.

A cornerstone of marketplace success is providing a safe, trustworthy environment. Identity verification protects participants and the marketplace by confirming buyers and sellers are legitimate.

But identity verification on a global scale is complex. Marketplaces operating across borders face different due diligence standards, data privacy regulations and security requirements. The risk of buyer and seller onboarding abandonment rises if marketplaces respond slowly to those varying demands.

Onboarding flexibility and speed are critical, which is why three out of the top five ecommerce marketplaces trust Trulioo for their identity verification needs.

Improve Identity Verification Performance

Trulioo is dedicated to ongoing innovation, which gives marketplace trust and safety teams confidence they can adjust to any risk or regulatory changes. Trulioo innovation also includes continual workflow enhancements that optimize the cost of onboarding good, verified buyers and sellers.

Deep analytics and a full suite of in-house verification capabilities can deliver superior match rates and precision in flagging problematic accounts. Trulioo pairs that with global reach and local expertise in markets around the world.

Trulioo delivers identity and business verification through an integrated, automated platform that gives online marketplaces the freedom to enter new markets across the globe.

Control Costs While Increasing Verification Rates

Trulioo showcased the benefits of value optimization with a long-standing marketplace partner.

In optimizing the marketplace’s onboarding, Trulioo provided an in-depth, custom performance analysis aimed at increasing conversion rates in key markets while controlling costs. That effort led to:

  • Increased verification rates in 10 markets around the world
  • An estimated 700,000 new users onboarded annually

Trulioo examined performance in individual markets to determine the right balance of security, growth and onboarding speed. That data-led audit ensured the organization’s configuration of sources delivered the best possible performance.

With the right verification tools and a commitment to value optimization, trust and safety teams can accelerate buyer and seller onboarding and deliver a trusted, low-friction experience anywhere in the world.

Marketplace Optimization

Case Study

One of the World’s Largest Online Marketplaces Increases Trust and Safety in 10 Key Markets

Learn how an in-depth, custom performance analysis increased conversion rates in key markets while controlling costs.