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Solving the Identity Verification Puzzle

Solving the identity puzzle

May 26, 2023  

Assembling the Pieces to Optimize the Cost of Onboarding Good Customers

Verifying a person’s identity requires piecing together a complex puzzle of ID documents, personally identifiable information, biometrics and watchlists to confirm people are who they say they are. 

Verifying businesses can be even more complicated with costly manual reviews that can take weeks. The complexity multiplies for international companies that have to navigate a maze of person and business verification regulations around the world.

Organizations often try to solve the identity verification puzzle by integrating multiple point solutions in an effort to create a holistic view of identity across the customer life cycle. It doesn’t have to be that complex. 

The “Solving the Identity Puzzle” webinar provides insight into:

  • New strategies for verifying people and businesses through a single identity platform
  • The depth and breadth of data that can help businesses improve identity verification across industries, geographies and customer segments
  • How to create verification workflows that optimize performance to decrease the costs of onboarding the right customers

Key Verification Platform Benefits

The webinar’s panel discussion covers a wide range of verification benefits for businesses.

1) An integrated identity platform enables person and business verification around the world and gives organizations flexibility to customize workflows to meet regulatory requirements and shifting market conditions

2) Verification platforms that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence give businesses insight into customer behavior and can constantly adapt to fraud signals

3) A comprehensive identity platform helps compliance, fraud and risks teams streamline access to identity information and decrease manual oversight

4) An integrated platform with a full suite of verification capabilities takes the pressure off a business’s internal engineering teams to build new tools for different scenarios, enabling the company to quickly and cost-effectively enter new markets

Listen to Beth Shulkin, Mastercard’s senior vice president of global marketing identity solutions; Zac Cohen, Trulioo chief operating officer; and Coleen Carey, Trulioo vice president of product marketing, discuss strategies for solving the identity verification puzzle.

Solving the identity puzzle

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Solving the Identity Puzzle

Put the pieces together to optimize the cost of onboarding good customers.