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Prepare Your Deepfake Defenses With the Gartner® “Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Artificial Intelligence”

AI and deepfakes

March 25, 2024  

The digital economy faces disruption through generative AI that presents the potential for privacy breaches, security threats and difficult-to-detect impersonations. 

The January 2024 Gartner “Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Artificial Intelligence” report gives organizations tools and insight to help them form a defense against those deepfake threats. Those tools include “sharing mechanisms that inform multiple parties of misuse of technologies to create deepfakes”, emerging regulations and technologies that help detect deepfakes. 

“Opportunistic and unregulated use of generative AI technologies is rapidly introducing a plethora of apps and platforms suitable for creation of deepfakes by nonexperts due to the technology’s accessibility,” according to the report.

Uphold Responsible AI Principles

Organizations that adopt AI also face critical business and ethical decisions.

When organizations vet partners that leverage AI, it’s critical to explore bias mitigation and model robustness. On top of that, compliance teams can ensure AI technologies adhere to data privacy and security measures. 

As AI technologies evolve, it will be essential for organizations to track emerging regulations.

“Regulators are pursuing legal solutions, which should be available within one to three years,” according to the Gartner report.

Control Data Accuracy Risks

The more organizations rely on AI to make decisions, and the higher the value of those decisions, the greater the potential risk. Governments are implementing measures to control those risks, but the requirements can change from one country to the next.

Organizations can build consistency and agility when they have clarity about how their partner acquires, models and processes data and maintains its integrity.

Evaluate AI Technologies Benefits and Risks

The Gartner report covers five AI themes and 29 AI-related technologies with an eye toward helping organizations prepare for change. 

It’s an opportunity, according to the report: “Product leaders must evaluate benefits and risks for various AI technologies to gain competitive advantage and deliver business value.”

AI and deepfakes

Industry Report

The Gartner “Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Artificial Intelligence”

Discover the defense strategies that can help organizations manage AI risk in a dynamic tech landscape.

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