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The Digital Identity Crisis

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Identity thieves are constantly changing their tactics and strategies, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to keep their customers’ personal information secure. In a digital economy, protecting against identity theft and fraud is not only important for businesses to maintain their reputation, but it’s also critical for maintaining customer trust.

“The Digital Identity Crisis” report offers insight into identity thieves’ latest attack vectors and provides strategies to help businesses keep pace.

In this report, we explore the different types of identity theft and fraud and show how businesses can leverage a layered, agile approach to identity verification that allows for real-time adjustments to emerging threats.

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Identity Theft Evolves Constantly

Synthetic identity fraud and screen overlay attacks are on the rise as identity thieves use new methods to steal customers’ personal information.


The Expanding Digital Landscape Creates Opportunities for Thieves

From wider adoption of real-time payments to economic unrest and regulatory change, uncertainty and fast money movement are creating opportunities for thieves.


An Agile Approach Can Help Companies Mitigate Risk
History suggests identity fraud will continue to evolve. A global identity verification platform with custom, agile workflows can help organizations adjust quickly to emerging threats.

Fraud and identity theft mitigation is a round-the-clock job. Robust, flexible, global identity verification makes that job easier by helping companies spot fraudsters in whatever shape they choose.”

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