Address Validation

Being able to undertake frictionless identity verification during multiple stages of a customer relationship is essential, and verifying an address attribute globally is a combination of both art and science. Clearly something as trivial as address formatting, or the order that the address attribute is sent, shouldn’t result in a no match for identity verification but often it does. For example, in the U.S., addresses typically begin with the street number, while in Canada they begin with the unit number.

Thanks to Trulioo’s enhanced Address Validation feature, our clients now have access to an accurate mapping of user-inputted address fields to help ensure that the data inputs appear in the correct hierarchical alignment. With its introduction, our clients will find it easier than ever before to reliably verify their customers.

How Does Address Validation Work?

By processing addresses and breaking them down into separate attributes, Address Validation adds missing components such as the region or city. It also formats the address using the local country’s standards and validates that the address exists to a specific location level in each country, such as a building, street, city, or postal code. This ensures that GlobalGateway can accurately and seamlessly validate address data for countries around the world.

How Much Does Address Validation Cost?

Address Validation has been added as a platform-wide upgrade to GlobalGateway, and it is being provided to all of our customers free of charge. To ensure that everyone using our platform receives the best results, we decided to make this enhancement available to every user.

“We continually strive to make GlobalGateway the top choice for instant online identity verification,” said Jon Jones, President at Trulioo. “With the introduction of Address Validation, our clients continue to see core improvements that we’re committed to making to enable customers to be verified even easier and faster, directly impacting top line growth.”

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