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Technology improves, regulations evolve and customers want better service. Choose an identity verification provider that can change with you. GlobalGateway makes it easy to leverage the services that fit your business needs, now and in the future.

Our Products

Identity Verification

Identity Verification

Verify identity data against global data sources. Build trust online while enabling seamless onboarding.

ID Document Verification

ID Document Verification

Capture and authenticate ID document images and verify users. Reduce fraud and limit abandonment.


Business Verification

Verify business details and identify business owners to assess the level of risk associated with the entity.


Global Watchlist

Screen customers and businesses against global watchlists to prevent crime and avoid penalties for non-compliance.



Verify Proof of Address across the world in seconds, without documents, removing the need for ID document verification and manual review.


Be Compliant

Leverage our expertise to support cross-border compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) regulations.

Doing the right thing just got easier.

AML and CTF regulations play a crucial role in keeping money launderers from manipulating the global financial system.

When organizations fail to comply, they face hefty fines from regulatory authorities, as well as reputational damage to their brand and credibility.

Identity and business verification help you meet these regulatory requirements:

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)
  • Customer Identification Programs (CIP)
  • Know Your Business (KYB)
  • Watchlist screening
  • Age verification

Reduce Fraud

Spot bad actors early, before they become customers, and limit losses to your reputation and bottom line.

A little due diligence goes a long way.

When transactions happen online instead of in person, it’s hard to know whether you’re dealing with a real customer or an imposter. And with large-scale breaches of personally identifiable information (PII) happening daily, it’s easier than ever for criminals to pose as someone else.

Identity and business verification stop fraudsters from opening accounts, purchasing goods, or using your systems to carry out illegal schemes.

Protect your organization’s good name and the assets you’re entrusted with.


Trust and Safety

Inspire confidence in your brand and the people who transact on your platform.

Online marketplaces shouldn’t be risky.

The sharing economy has opened up new ways to exchange goods and services. And marketplaces need to make sure that their users trust each other to encourage participation.

That trust starts with the onboarding process. Any person or business that signs up to participate in the sharing economy should be properly verified to make sure they can be trusted.

Identity and business verification bring together trustworthy users and inspires them to interact because they know that they are safeguarded by your platform.

Did you know? 

According to consumer research in the U.S. and UK, 86% of customers are more willing to transact with websites that perform identity verification checks, and 83% are more likely to trust a brand that verifies identities online.

Onboard Quickly

Deliver the right onboarding experience for your customer.

No need to sacrifice speed for security.

A rigorous onboarding process is important to protect your business and customers. But that rigor must be exercised with as little friction as possible or you run the risk of customers abandoning the sign-up process.

With GlobalGateway, deliver a smoother onboarding experience with a proprietary matching engine built to ensure false negatives become true positives.

Digital identity and business verification helps you verify customers quickly and safely. Minimize the manual labor required to onboard customers and optimize your verification workflows to find the perfect balance of speed and security.


Gain Insights

Respond to audits with detailed verification records and get clarity on trends and issues.

Reporting means better business decisions.

GlobalGateway tracks every identity verification transaction.

You can monitor performance and gain valuable insights through in-depth metrics and analytics. Check transaction volumes and match rates per market, and dig into comprehensive verification results to uncover trends and opportunities for optimization.


Connect to GlobalGateway through a single API.

The world’s largest identity verification marketplace can protect your business, deliver the right onboarding experience and meet changing business needs as you grow.

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