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Becoming a Champion of Trust

Becoming a Champion of Trust

March 10, 2022  

Trust is fundamental. In personal, business and societal relationships, people need to know they can rely on the other party to do what they say they’ll do. Without trust, relationships erode alongside all the benefits of working together for a common goal.

In the modern, digital global economy, trust is the critical enabler for allowing people to do business remotely. We’ll likely never meet these counter-parties or have any connection to them, other than the digital trust that we rely on to do business. The technologies and processes of digital trust are the backbones of the new digital-first world.

But technology doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s the people in organizations that assess, deploy and shepherd solutions to build trust that make the difference. These people need the knowledge, capabilities, mindset and influence to successfully implement and operate reliable, secure and user-friendly trust systems. These are the Champions of Trust that make the modern world go round.

The Champion of Trust website

Trulioo is proud to support and empower these visionary and strategic thinkers. These compliance, risk and IT security professionals are the leaders creating a safer, more prosperous and inclusive online world. To help celebrate these individuals and develop the skills and knowledge for others who aspire to become a Champion of Trust, Trulioo created a website:

You can learn more about this new industry recognition and education program on the site:

  • Take a five-minute identity professional assessment
  • Learn the backstory, history and goals of the initiative
  • Learn more about our research for yourself
  • Access educational resources
  • Nominate yourself or a colleague to be recognized

Some of the resources available at the site include a white paper based on comprehensive, global research to uncover aspirations, challenges, and priorities of trust professionals. Interviews were conducted in 16 countries with 408 professionals with budget responsibility or influence around identity verification/authentication technology or fraud prevention. Respondents came from three industries: financial services, marketplaces and online retail.

There’s also a handbook that offers insight into what exactly is a Champion of Trust and what it takes to become one, including potential career paths and how to uplevel your career journey.

Are you a Champion of Trust? Take the assessment

Are you responsible for risk and compliance functions such as identity verification, Know Your Customer (KYC) or fraud oversight within your company?

Trulioo is on a mission to help you reach your highest potential as a leader within your company. On the website, you can take our five-minute assessment to get actionable advice on how you can accelerate your career and gain valuable insights into your peers’ perspectives.

Note the assessment is free and all the information is anonymous and confidential. It’s a simple, multiple-choice questionnaire, and in five minutes, you’ll get insight into the type of identity professional you currently are.

Champions of Trust stories

The website also has some Champions of Trust stories to help inform and inspire you. To reach the pinnacle of any career path takes hard work and dedication. For roles that are never really existed before and change fast, it’s often difficult to understand what to learn and where to focus. We hope these stories can guide and help mentor you on your career path.

We celebrate all trust professionals, no matter where you are on your journey. The Champions of Trust website is there for you to learn, advance your career and help build trust in the world. Trust is fundamental. We hope to help you in your vital role in contributing to make a better world.