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Advancing your career – People & Culture

Advancing your career - People and Culture

April 6, 2021  

To create a great organization, you need a fantastic culture and talented people. Finding, supporting and developing those people is the role of People and Culture (P&C). From recruiting the right candidates to ensuring that they’re engaged, happy and productive, P&C is at the core of creating growth and fostering a collaborative environment that helps employees flourish. That’s why we’re highlighting some of the P&C team members who help make Trulioo a success.

We’ve produced a series of videos featuring some of our employees to give you a first-hand impression of what it’s like to work at Trulioo. This blog features P&C Business Partner, Marley Ferreira, who offered her take on the work environment at Trulioo.

Tell us about your role at Trulioo

My days have a lot of variety to them, whether that’s unrolling our recent performance review cycle on Lattice, leading phone interviews, or welcoming new members to the Trulicrew! I get to partner with our teams around performance management, engagement, wellness and recruitment.

I work closely with the rest of the P&C team to support business areas and ensure that internal processes are running smoothly. In terms of recruitment, I work with hiring managers on senior roles for our Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, Finance and IT teams. I also facilitate wellness initiatives, like our weekly fitness and yoga classes and the Trulioo Sun Run team. Since I help onboard our new employees, I enjoy interacting with everyone.

How has your career progressed since joining Trulioo? 

Trulioo has offered me a lot of opportunities to progress in my career! When I started, there were just two of us on the P&C team and now we have grown to a team of seven. Initially, my role was quite broad since we were a small team and focused on hiring across all of our teams. As we grew, my role shifted to hiring for specific business areas, which increased our efficiency and allowed me to build relationships with those hiring managers.

I’ve had an increasing interest in learning more about internal P&C operations. I was able to take advantage of Trulioo’s Education & Training Reimbursement Program, which enabled me to write the CPHR’s National Knowledge Exam in Fall, 2020. With the shift into my current role, I’ve developed my skills around employee relations and HR policies, which are areas that interest me.

What makes Trulioo an exciting place to join? How does the P&C department affect and impact Trulioo as a whole? 

Trulioo is an exciting company for so many reasons. We’ve grown very quickly in the last year; when I started there were about 100 employees — and we’ve now more than doubled! It’s exciting to be a part of that and experience that growth with new faces, teams and products. We’ve been growing on a global scale across all four of our offices, and I find that kind of fast-paced environment really exhilarating!

A big part of why I joined Trulioo was our mission of creating financial inclusion for the unbanked in the world. It’s really rewarding to end your day and know that you’re contributing to a common purpose and making a positive impact. Our business mission is financial inclusion — and that inspires my colleagues and me!

Lastly, our culture is an essential piece of what makes Trulioo a great place to work, and this is the most significant area where our team makes a company-wide impact. The P&C team conducted an employee survey last year where we asked employees to describe the culture. We found that we are friendly and inclusive, innovative in our ideas, hardworking and thrive in a collaborative environment. I see P&C as a strategic partner that helps support different stakeholders, employees and larger company initiatives. It’s important to us that employees know they can always come to us with new ideas or feedback!

What can applicants expect to experience during the recruitment process? 

Applicants for our P&C team will do one of the most important things — meet our people! Instead of technical assignments, they will meet with various business stakeholders relevant to their role and, of course, P&C team members. They can expect questions around working in a fast-paced environment, implementing new ideas, problem-solving and working collaboratively with others.

Our recruitment process places an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. It’s important to us that we hire people from diverse backgrounds that will bring different perspectives and experiences to our team to help strengthen us as an organization.

What is the team’s growth plan? How crucial is the team to the growth of the whole company?

We are slowly growing as a team, specifically in talent acquisition. We’re excited to have a senior manager starting with us soon and look forward to continuing to grow the team. In terms of company-wide growth, we are crucial since we partner with all of our teams to bring in talent! It’s been exhilarating to see us grow across all of our teams and into new geographies. We expanded our Vancouver, Dublin and San Diego teams in the last year and have just started a team in Austin, Texas.

Beyond the recruitment phase, we also want to ensure our employees enjoy coming to work each day and are engaged in a positive environment that supports their career development. We want to sustain company growth by giving employees opportunities to continually increase their skills and knowledge. We introduced Lattice, a performance management tool, as a way for employees to set goals, receive feedback and create growth areas according to their career paths. As our company grows, we strive to see our employees growing too!

What is it like to work on the team? 

We have a very close-knit team that looks for ways to support each other. Even though we each cover different areas, we are very collaborative and have daily check-ins to stay connected. We are all entrusted with our roles and given the autonomy to own our responsibilities, which gives us room to grow. We’re encouraged to take the initiative on new projects or develop creative improvements to our current processes as we scale.

Everyone on the P&C team is involved in employee engagement initiatives as well. These involve enjoyable opportunities to spend time getting to know our teams doing things like organizing cross-functional lunches, leading team games to welcome newcomers and attending team happy hours at the end of the week!

How do the leaders on your team support employee development?

Our director helps support employee development through frequent check-ins and delegating projects to explore new areas and grow our skills. In our weekly one-on-one meetings, we can openly ask questions and share, which encourages learning. Our daily team meetings each have different themes; our Friday meeting is my favorite as we get to share shout-outs of where we saw great work done by members of our team. It has been beneficial for team building to encourage my peers and share positive affirmations of what we have done well in the week.

We also have an annual performance review cycle on Lattice where we complete a self-review and receive peer and manager reviews. It’s precious to receive well-rounded feedback to be aware of specific areas where you can improve and focus your goals accordingly. These areas have played a part in the development that I’ve been fortunate to experience at Trulioo!

Advance your career today

Thanks, Marley, for your answers! At Trulioo, we’re on a mission to verify the globe. Our identity service helps companies transform their operations and improves people’s lives. If you’re interested in a career at Trulioo, please visit our Careers page.