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The identity hub — orchestrating multiple verification vendors and services

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Trulioo is distinguished among identity verification providers because of our marketplace approach. By vetting and partnering with hundreds of data vendors and services around the world, we give organizations choice and flexibility to implement the best identity verification processes for their business needs. Whatever the use case, whether it’s complying with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, reducing fraud or building trust within online communities, the Trulioo GlobalGateway platform enables companies to design, test and roll out verification workflows that are optimized for speed and security.

Fueled by hundreds of identity data sources and partnerships, our identity marketplace offers unmatched global coverage for our clients. With the ability to verify 5 billion people, 4,200 types of documents and 330 million businesses, GlobalGateway enables clients worldwide to perform identity data verification (IDV), ID document verification, fraud prevention and business verification (KYB) in almost every country in the world.

GlobalGateway enables clients to take a layered and holistic approach to identity verification, increasing acceptance rates for legitimate customers and accuracy levels for fraud detection during onboarding. Rather than having to choose between IDV, ID document verification and KYB or manage multiple contracts and integrations, companies can combine verification services through one API to get additional risk and fraud protection.

Trulioo is continually adding new data sources and technology to expand identity verification coverage and capabilities. These additions support the ever-changing regulations, use cases and business requirements that stem from digital experiences introduced by emerging tech companies. New partnerships allow us to make leaps ahead in functionality and breadth of coverage as we leverage the development efforts and data management efforts of trusted third parties.

Enhanced ID document verification capabilities

Now, Trulioo has announced new features to GlobalGateway ID Document Verification, including an image capture software development kit (SDK) with a unique desktop-to-mobile workflow. Employing this GlobalGateway image capture functionality allows companies to use a single front-end component to access multiple document verification providers. They can get the best regional coverage while also taking advantage of the efficiencies of dynamic routing, all through one SDK and one API.

With the addition of image capture SDK, end users can more easily take images of documents in the correct format to be verified by automated or manual means. Companies can also require selfies and liveness detection for authentication, with facial recognition technology applied to ensure that the ID document matches the new customer.

“Verifying identities online must be fast, accurate and with just the right amount of friction to deter the bad actors while providing good customers with an exceptional onboarding experience,” said Stephen Ufford, Trulioo CEO. “With the addition of an image capture SDK, our customers are able to take a comprehensive approach to risk intelligence, leverage our marketplace of hundreds of data providers with speed, and enhance their ID verification process to meet the demands of today’s digital ecosystem.”

The importance of identity networks

Analyst firm Gartner has published an industry report, Market Guide for Identity Proofing and Corroboration, which references the significant challenges that businesses face in evaluating many identity data sources and verification processes. It notes the need for tools that enable the orchestration of multiple vendors and capabilities, allowing for frictionless workflows and single unified processes for cross-checking data.

Zac Cohen, COO of Trulioo, said: “Since day one, our products have been designed and built to address the challenges businesses face with identity verification, as recently outlined by Gartner. This means we’re committed to providing organizations with the most comprehensive and dynamic hub of identity sources and service partners so that they can fully optimize their identity verification processes and take a holistic, intelligent approach to risk. The addition of an image capture SDK to our ID Document Verification solution enables our clients to develop customized processes, using best-in-class data sources in every market to further optimize their performance in identity verification.”

To see GlobalGateway image capture in action and learn how it integrates with ID Document Verification and Identity Verification services, book a demo today.