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Trulioo Partners With Public for Its UK Launch 

November 30, 2023  

Trulioo Person Match Delivers Industry-Leading Match Rates, Highest Assurance to Ensure Investment Platform’s Worldwide Compliance

Vancouver, British Columbia, Nov. 30, 2023Trulioo, a leading global identity verification platform, today announced its partnership with Public, a U.S. investing platform for stocks, ETFs, crypto, Treasury bills and alternative assets that is allowing U.K. investors access to U.S. stocks. Public chose Trulioo Person Match identity verification to achieve the highest onboarding assurance and meet Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance requirements for its U.K. launch.

As the digital landscape evolves and companies expand their global reach, fast, secure online identity verification that meets AML and KYC compliance requirements is a top priority. Public’s successful U.K. launch in July 2023 with Trulioo has the platform poised for further global growth with the confidence it can rise to any compliance challenge. 

“We needed an identity verification partner that provided global capabilities to address our AML and KYC compliance requirements while enabling fast, secure customer onboarding,” said Robin Spruell, MLRO and Compliance Lead (UK), Public. “Trulioo delivered, and its expert guidance in configuring best practices, benchmarking and optimization has propelled us to maximum customer verification match rates. That ensures we achieve the highest onboarding assurance as we enter new markets.”

Public employs Trulioo Person Match for customer verification during registration. Trulioo customizable onboarding workflows provide intelligent routing that directs users to optimal data matching for minimal friction, heightened performance and ironclad compliance.

With a truly global reach, Person Match stands out with flexible identity verification workflows built on a foundation of micro and macro data sources that fuel high onboarding assurance and industry-leading match rates. Trulioo Person Match delivers automated address verification that streamlines user onboarding, reduces the need for manual uploads and ensures Public meets its compliance requirements in the U.K.

“The Trulioo platform with blended in-house verification capabilities has proven itself to be a critical partner for Public’s U.K. launch,” said Trulioo CEO Steve Munford. “Our collaboration, fueled by expert guidance from our team, empowers Public to not only achieve compliance, but also to redefine its onboarding benchmarks. This partnership is not just about meeting standards; it’s about setting new ones and ensuring Public maximizes its onboarding potential in the markets it serves today and wherever its global trajectory leads.”

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About Public

Public is a New York-based investing platform promising a better way to invest in US markets with access to 5,000+ stocks, fewer fees, and the insights that matter. Public charges no commission fees during US stock market hours and no foreign exchange fees on trades. Members can make informed investment decisions with deep fundamental data and custom analysis. Serving millions of investors in the US and UK, Public has offices in New York City, London, and Copenhagen.

About Trulioo

Trulioo is the world’s identity platform, trusted by leading companies for their verification needs. Offering unparalleled global coverage for business and person verification, Trulioo operates in 195 countries and can verify more than 12,000 ID documents and 700 million business entities while checking against more than 6,000 watchlists. Its comprehensive suite of in-house capabilities, integrated across a single automated platform, powers customizable onboarding workflows tailored to meet any market requirement. Combining its state-of-the-art technology with expert verification knowledge across diverse markets, Trulioo enables the highest verification assurance levels, optimizing onboarding costs and fostering trust in the global digital economy.

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