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Match Rate Challenge: Witness the power of our KYC verification match engine

Match Rate Challenge

In today’s increasingly digital world, identity verification match rates are crucial to an organization’s success. Higher match rates lead to quick and seamless customer onboarding of verified customers, while poor match rates create frustrated customers, higher customer acquisition costs, more strain on support and lost revenue.

Interested in improving your match rates to deliver a better customer onboarding experience?

To find out, Trulioo invites you to take the Match Rate Challenge, an opportunity to compare your current identity verification solution to Trulioo GlobalGateway. We are confident that our global identity verification product will outperform other solutions and we’re excited to prove it.

The Match Rate Challenge is free to participate in and qualified companies will be provided with an end-to-end batch test to easily quantify performance.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to help businesses scale their digital onboarding processes while meeting compliance requirements in this new digital frontier,” said Steve Munford, CEO of Trulioo. “We’ve been developing our solution for ten years and know what it takes to optimize performance for different markets and varying use cases. We have the technology, global coverage and expertise to deliver the best possible match rates.”

Trulioo GlobalGateway provides:

  • Access to over five billion identities around the world
  • The most extensive marketplace of data sources
  • Multiple verification and authentication methods
  • Intelligent and comprehensive global KYC match engine
  • Customizable rulesets for ultimate identity verification workflow flexibility
  • Ongoing performance monitoring through in-depth metrics and analytics
  • Full transparency to fine-tune processes and optimize results

Customers switching to GlobalGateway have seen their verification rates rise by upwards of 40% when compared to their current providers.

Take the Match Rate Challenge — see how good your identity match rates can actually be.