Identity Verification
GlobalGateway is an online electronic identity verification (eIDV) service developed for the international market. Our product was created specifically to help businesses comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules and has since evolved to support a diverse range of international electronic identity verification requirements. GlobalGateway is used by e-commerce, finance, insurance, gaming and social media clients worldwide for all their compliance, risk mitigation and age verification needs.
Global Gateway online electronic identity verification

Your identity portal to the world


  • Minimize customer interaction
  • Mitigate risk from online fraud (identity and age verification)
  • Regulatory compliance with regional and international Anti Money Laundering regulations
  • Increase revenue throughput by alleviating manual interaction in identification process
  • Low touch integration into web applications
  • Comprehensive match information, not just a score
  • Flexible pricing options to meet your needs

GlobalGateway verifications return comprehensive match information, providing results on each individual attribute including: first name, last name, national ID, address, date of birth and telephone number from multiple data sources simultaneously.

Not simply a match score. The Verification Results Matrix in the GlobalGateway portal delivers a unique visualization of a verification result; displaying the match results for each individual attribute from each individual data source. This provides you with an enhanced understanding and greater clarity of why a customer was verified or not.

GlobalGateway leverages 140+ trusted, specifically aggregated and licensed data sources including; credit bureaus, electoral rolls, government issued, public and private data, telephone/utility records and watch lists to verify the information your customers provide.

Regulations vary depending on industry, region, and transaction amount, GlobalGateway allows complete customization of the verification rule set providing you with the best verification rules for your risk mitigation process.

Refined rules enable you to increase the amount of online matches you can make during onboarding of users, reducing the number of manual verifications required saving resources and time.

Apply custom rules per country enabling you to comply with regional and international AML and CTF regulations.

Trulioo provides three options for integrating GlobalGateway into your eIDV business processes.

GlobalGateway Portal: A web based interface that can be used by customer facing personnel to quickly verify a customer’s identification.

XML Direct: A flexible API that allows you to fully customize the integration of GlobalGateway into your automated business processes or website.

XML Frame: Allows you to place GlobalGateway data entry screens (already customized to the country variables and unique data requirements) right in your web application.

GlobalGateway’s Administration interface enables you to quickly and easily manage your eIDV service.

User Management: Manage users and their access roles.

Reports and Metrics: Monitor service performance and gain valuable insight and understanding of the overall performance of your eIDV service though in-depth metrics and reporting.

Access Historical Transactions: GlobalGateway keeps track of every identity verification transaction that you run. When you need to run an audit or produce detailed reports of your verifications, you can access all of the information quickly and easily via the GlobalGateway portal.

Customers can email Trulioo support in the event they experience an issue with the Trulioo eIDV service.

In addition to our standard email support, Enterprise customers enjoy access to 24×7 phone support, a dedicated account manager that proactively manages their account, and contracted service response times for their issues.


Free30 days

  • Includes 50 transactions
  • Default match rule
  • Portal access


$19per month

  • Includes 20 transactions
  • Additional Transactions
    $0.65 / National
  • Default match rule
  • Portal access
  • XML Frame
  • Credit Card payment
  • Email support


$79per month

  • Includes 40 transactions
  • Additional Transactions
    $0.65 / National | $1.60 / International
  • Choose a pre-defined match rules per country
  • Portal access
  • XML Frame
  • Standard Reports
  • Metrics
  • Credit Card payment
  • Email support



  • Monthly Minimum
  • Country specific
    transaction pricing
  • Custom match rules per country
  • Portal access
  • XML Frame
  • XML Direct
  • Standard Reports
  • Metrics
  • Credit Card payment or Invoice
  • Email support/Call
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24x7 Support