Identity verification for

Online gambling

With digital identity verification, you’ll make great first impressions.

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Onboard players and punters from everywhere.

When you’re rolling out the red carpet, you’ll need to answer the two questions on new players’ minds: Can I trust this place? and How quickly can I start gaming?

Building trust online is paramount. You want to inspire confidence in your establishment by showing that you protect players’ personal information, pay out their winnings, and follow regulations.

But you need to build that trust without slowing down the experience. So quick and reliable age verification is important too.

And you can add more rigorous identity verification later, when the stakes are higher, to prevent money laundering and fraud.

Balancing the competing priorities of speed and security is a complex undertaking. That’s why gaming operators turn to the GlobalGateway identity marketplace.

With identity and business verification service in 195+ countries, GlobalGateway helps you deliver the right digital experience so players will keep coming back.

Show players that you’re invested in protecting them.

Onboard quickly
Get people playing right away. Real-time identity verification eliminates barriers to account creation.

Reduce fraud
Protect against identity theft, account takeover and payment fraud by verifying the right data points.

Be compliant
Improve risk management with verification methods that help you follow AML and KYC regulations.

Be responsible
Cut down on underage gaming with simple and reliable age verification.

Why GlobalGateway is the right choice for gaming

Verify efficiently

Save time, money and resources by automating identity checks. With one contract and one integration, you can access a global marketplace of data sources and services. Then monitor and adjust your workflows to get the best results.

Increase player acquisition

Improve the customer experience by enabling uninterrupted gaming. Cut down on abandonment with a streamlined onboarding process, and verify players in real time to keep them engaged with live odds and spreads.

Shut down crime

Detect fraudsters and bad actors by verifying identity data. Authenticate players with ID document verification and facial biometrics. Screen names against global watchlists to keep out high-risk individuals and known money launderers.

Verify in stages

As players move from onboarding to small and large transactions, verify different data points such as DOB, name and address, and ID documents. Progressive verification keeps friction minimal while ensuring proper levels of compliance.

Case study: gaming

“Our previous process was very manual. Our existing provider did not have an API, and as the volume of checks we were doing increased, we began to realize the process needed to be automated.”


— Conor Glavey, Fraud and Payments Manager, Broadway Gaming

With Trulioo expertise and support, Broadway Gaming was able to begin verifying players in real time, to comply with new regulations that shortened the previous 72-hour window. “The verification rates and the success there is a defining factor that led us to choose Trulioo GlobalGateway. … The regulations are the regulations and we just wanted to make sure, from our standpoint, that we were compliant within the deadline. And we were.”