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UX and Security: The Future of Digital Identity

UX and security
UX and security

In one corner, we have security – the crucial bulwarks protecting organizations from the nefarious activities of hackers, fraudsters and other bad actors; on the other side of the ring, we have user experience (UX) – the upstart challenger that’s becoming the talk of the business world, and holds the keys to attracting more customers in an increasingly digital future. For organizations, particularly those interacting with customers in a digital environment, the battle is a contentious one; do UX requirements trump security considerations, especially at a time when customers have little patience for time-consuming and clunky customer experiences, and alternative buying choices abound? Or does the need for an impregnable security apparatus still outweigh all other concerns?

The truth, however, is that UX and security are equally important and should not be perceived as being at odds with each other. Organizations do not have to choose between protecting themselves from fraud and other threats, and building user experiences predicated on quick, low-touch and frictionless customer onboarding and purchasing.

The focus, therefore, should be on optimizing the UX while maintaining effective security and fraud prevention systems to drive the online, borderless economy forward. The mobile-first customer, who is always connected, is accustomed to online onboarding experiences that are relatively quick and painless – in that context, the bar for seamless customer onboarding has already been set. However, the same customer also understands the need for security; in the age of data breaches and rampant theft of identity and payment information, customers inherently understand security threats, and the need to curtail risks.

How can organizations, then, strike a balance between these two entirely different requirements? The CNP Expo, which will be held in San Francisco later this month, will host a series of panel discussions that will seek to answer the question.

One such panel discussion, which involves some of the most authoritative voices in digital identity today, will be particularly interesting:

Explore the New Relationship Between UX and Security: The Future of Digital Identity
Thursday, May 23, 3:30pm – 4:15pm

Trust is one of the main components driving digital engagement. Users need to feel confidence in their digital platforms and transactions, and the security of their personal data — yet they value and expect fast, easy operations.

This panel discussion will seek to redefine the relationship between UX and security – and how the two functions are crucial to onboarding more customers and fostering meaningful connections with them in the digital economy.

The panelists include:

Cindy White, VP of Marketing, Mitek
Sam McMillan, VP of Engineering, Experian
Anatoly Kvitnitsky, VP of Growth, Trulioo

Trulioo’s very own Anatoly Kvitnitsky, who is also part of the Rutgers University Big Data Advisory Board, will speak from his experience in helping companies scale products for global use.

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