Identity verification for

Marketplaces and communities

Create a trusted ecosystem with verified users and businesses.

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Your platform’s success depends on trust.

Marketplaces and communities face a big challenge: tackling fear. What if the seller never delivers the product? What if the buyer is using a fake identity? What if the person staying in my home breaks something? If you don’t address those fears, people will be reluctant to join your platform.

Together we can build trust and safety in your community and calm those fears. 

As your ecosystem grows and attracts legitimate users, bad actors looking for new opportunities show up too. Identity verification can help you enable trust. When you check identities during account creation, users trust you more because they see what you’re doing to keep them safe.

The GlobalGateway identity network helps you verify identities instantly, anywhere in the world. So your platform can build trust and reach its potential for growth.

Create a marketplace experience that’s miles ahead.

Fast onboarding
With digital verification, you can sign people up in a snap. Customize workflows to cut out friction.

Deliver trust and safety
Protect your community by verifying and authenticating identities so users know who they’re transacting with.

Reduce fraud and risk
Weed out bad actors at the door by checking for stolen and synthetic identities.

Be compliant with regulations
Verify merchants and end users with a global identity and business verification solution.

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Why GlobalGateway is the
right choice for marketplaces

Protect your brand

When your platform brings people together, reputation is everything. GlobalGateway identity verification defends against bad actors looking to commit fraud. It also shows the world that you are serious about safeguarding your ecosystem.

Transcend borders

With comprehensive international coverage, GlobalGateway helps you improve performance in countries where you already operate and expand into new territory. And we’re always adding providers to our identity network.

Grow your community

Identity verification should encourage your growth, not restrict it. Demonstrable trust and safety reassures people about participating on your platform. And low-friction onboarding means fewer people abandoning the sign-up process.

Deliver the right experience

GlobalGateway lets you customize your workflows for different markets and audiences. In other words, you can choose the right level of checks to help you catch bad actors without losing legitimate customers to low match rates and friction.