Identity verification for

Marketplaces and Communities

Create a trusted ecosystem with verified vendors and customers.

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Your marketplace platform is built on trust and safety

Create a welcoming marketplace verification experience

Provide fast customer and vendor onboarding
With digital verification, you can onboard customers in a snap. Customize verification requirements to cut out friction.

Deliver trust and safety
Protect your community by verifying and authenticating marketplace identities to ensure vendors and customers are who they say they are.

Reduce fraud and risk
Weed out bad actors at the door by checking for stolen and synthetic identities.

Comply with regulations
Verify merchants and users through a global identity and business verification solution.

The right choice for marketplace identity verification

Protect your brand

When your platform brings people together, reputation is everything. Trulioo identity verification defends against fraudsters and other cybercriminals. It shows the world that you’re serious about safeguarding your ecosystem.

Transcend borders

With comprehensive international coverage, Trulioo helps you improve identity match rate performance in countries where you operate and those where you’re looking to expand. We’re always adding providers to our identity network.

Grow your community

Identity verification should encourage growth rather than restrict it. Requiring people confirm their identity helps create trust and safety and assures them your platform can be trusted. Low-friction onboarding reduces abandonment during sign-up.

Deliver the right experience

Trulioo lets you customize your verification requirements for different markets and audiences. You choose the verification standards that will help you catch bad actors without losing legitimate customers to low match rates and friction.