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Foreign Exchange

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Quick identity verification to help meet global compliance obligations.

Forex is a fast-moving global market. With $6.6 trillion in transactions per day, across multiple jurisdictions and geographies, managing your Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements is a big challenge.

Money services businesses (MSBs) and forex brokers must balance providing a fast and seamless customer experience with meeting extensive compliance obligations.

Trulioo GlobalGateway adds reassurance to your compliance processes and helps prevent fraud, ensuring that you don’t support terrorism or criminal activities, and avoiding enforcement action and compliance fines.

Stop financial crime and reduce friction for your customers.

AML watchlists and sanctions lists
Instantly screen potential customers against AML watchlists, sanctions lists, politically exposed person (PEP), and dozens of other global data sources.

Fraud prevention
Fraud is rising globally and fraudsters are getting more sophisticated. GlobalGateway makes it easy to detect and deter bad actors before they can cause any damage to your reputation.

Streamline customer onboarding
Operating in multiple jurisdictions brings many regulatory complications. Trulioo has done the work of vetting and partnering with over 400 global data sources in 195+ countries.

Why GlobalGateway is the right choice for forex

Build trust

Digital identity verification helps you assess the risk of your customers, so you can make decisions with confidence. It also demonstrates to your customers that they can trust you to safeguard their transactions. More trust equals more trade.

Reduce business costs

The compliance costs for all money services businesses (MSBs) are rising. Digital, automated KYC and AML compliance is cost-effective, and reduces headcount and manual compliance efforts.

Customize workflows

Add verification solutions into your workflow for enhanced Customer Due Diligence on those customers or transactions that cross your risk thresholds.

Integrate in less than a week

Integrate GlobalGateway into your existing systems and workflows through a single API or low-code hosted solution.

Case study: forex brokers

While forex brokers must safeguard against fraud and comply with tough regulations, they must also meet customer expectations for a streamlined onboarding experience. In the fast-paced world of forex, traders will abandon a cumbersome account creation process.”

“GlobalGateway constantly expands its network of traditional and nontraditional data sources and identity services, so forex brokers can confidently enter new markets where users may have little or no credit history. In this way, forex brokers provide greater diversity in — and improve accessibility to — the currency trading marketplace.”