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The Marketplace Gambit: Outmaneuver Fraudsters With Digital Business Verification

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Online marketplaces can get bogged down by time-consuming manual business verification that hampers efficiency and security. Digital verification can eliminate those onboarding headaches.

A digital approach with automation can help marketplaces accelerate complex merchant onboarding while mitigating fraud to create smooth, secure online experiences.

The “Marketplace Gambit” white paper provides more insight into automated business verification and shows how it can help online enterprises create safe digital environments.

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Accelerate Vendor Onboarding

Digital business verification can simplify complex processes. Learn how to automate merchant onboarding to deliver a streamlined user experience.


Safeguard Genuine Sellers

Digital verification can dive deep to identify the people behind businesses. Discover how to optimize KYB checks to filter out the bad actors and accurately verify legitimate vendors.


Enhance Customer Trust

Uncover three marketplace best practices to combat fraud and learn how to leverage them to create a trusted environment for consumers.

A robust business verification strategy with automation positions marketplace leaders to verify the legitimacy of merchants operating on the platform. That establishes the accountability that fuels trust.”

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