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INFORM Consumers Act Targets Fraud in Online Marketplaces

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The United States is cracking down on fraud in online marketplaces with a new federal regulation requiring verification of “high-volume” third-party sellers.

The INFORM Consumers Act arrives on the heels of U.S. consumers reporting losing $8.8 billion to fraud in 2022. The new regulation seeks to enhance transparency and security on digital platforms, making it easier for online marketplaces and law enforcement to spot and investigate fraudulent activity.

This report provides key regulatory information for online marketplaces and explores how comprehensive verification capabilities through a global identity platform can help businesses stay compliant and create secure environments for sellers and consumers.

Gain Regulatory Insights in This Report


Stay Ahead of the Compliance Curve

Explore the details of the INFORM Consumers Act and learn how online marketplaces can comply.


Secure a Diverse Customer Base

Learn how customizable verification workflows can help online marketplaces confidently verify “high-volume” sellers, from sole proprietorships to corporations.


Simplify Complex Processes
Harness a global identity platform with layered capabilities to optimize verification workflows and comply with regulations.

Flexibility is crucial when verifying different types of sellers in different parts of the world. Trulioo provides that agility. Online marketplaces can combine verification capabilities and create cohesive, automated workflows that ensure INFORM Act compliance while building a trusted user experience.”

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