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Five Trends Reshaping Digital Identity in 2024

2024 digital identity trends

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The world of identity verification is in flux this year with a wave of novel technologies and a surge in new regulations.

That’s why we created “Five Trends Reshaping Digital Identity in 2024.” This exclusive report highlights the top five trends redefining digital identity this year. With a clear view of the horizon, you can strengthen your digital verification strategy, take advantage of opportunities and mitigate dangers.

We dug deep into the research – from the growing threat of business identity theft to the game-changing power of AI – to find answers to some of the biggest questions you’ll face in 2024, including:

  • How quickly will digital IDs change online identity verification?
  • Will generative AI serve global organizations and fraudsters?
  • How can you guard against business identity theft during onboarding?

Download our 2024 trends report now and discover how nimble person and business verification can help bring stability in a year of change.

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AI: Friend or Foe?

Discover how generative AI is changing the identity verification landscape in 2024. From deepfake technology to faster, more flexible onboarding, AI is offering a mix of challenges and opportunities this year.


The Growing Threat of Business Identity Theft

Learn how high-profile fraud, combined with new regulations in 2024, is raising the stakes for Know Your Business due diligence around the world.


Digital IDs Gain Momentum

Explore how the evolution of digital IDs – including governments using blockchain technology to add greater security – presents benefits and challenges in a complex global landscape.

Verifying people with digital IDs can lead organizations down a maze of integrations and contracts. But a verification partner that delivers a network of issuers through one contract and one integration can enable enterprises to see past the clutter and focus on delivering their services to anyone in the world.”

– Steve Munford, Trulioo CEO

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