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Scaling Up: Insights on Global Business Verification, Featuring Forrester

Scaling up business verification

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Forrester Analysis of Trust and Safety, Business Onboarding and Compliance

As more small businesses join the digital economy, organizations face the challenge of efficiently onboarding them while adhering to evolving regulations in growing markets.

We’ve invited Andras Cser, Forrester vice president and principal analyst, to share his advice for overcoming that challenge. He’ll provide insight into how organizations can balance growth and compliance while onboarding small and medium-sized businesses.

Join Cser and Kiran Kumar, our vice president of product, for a wide-ranging discussion covering:

  • How stale data can lead to lost customers and revenue as well as diminished trust and safety
  • The role identity data plays in scaling business verification and mitigating fraud
  • How AI and ML fuel faster global growth at a reduced cost per verified user