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Liminal Research: The Rise of Integrated Identity Platforms

Integrated identity platforms

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Businesses using identity platforms instead of siloed point solutions see an improved user experience that leads to 6.6 times more converted customers and an 83% drop in abandonment, according to the latest research from Liminal.

“The emergence of Integrated Identity Platforms (IIPs) represents a significant shift in the identity verification landscape,” according to Liminal. “IIPs offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions that streamline capabilities across the consumer lifecycle, enabling businesses to combat sophisticated fraud attacks, enhance the customer experience, and simplify complicated, siloed legacy solutions.”

In its latest research, Liminal analyzes the total addressable market of IIPs and explores the customer benefits.

Key IIP Research Takeaways:

  • An explanation of the components in a true identity platform and how their interaction enhances the customer life cycle
  • An analysis of the key factors driving IIP growth and adoption and why teams are switching to them
  • A view of anticipated changes in the industry landscape and how teams can adapt
  • An examination of business complexity use cases driving demand and the return on investment teams can realize from platform adoption

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There are real cost savings for buyers to simplify their legacy systems while converting more good customers. Consumers stand to benefit from more streamlined, secure digital interactions for an overall better customer experience. Many institutional investors are driving the market toward IIP with their investments and acquisitions, and we expect to see these solutions begin to emerge in the market.”

— Will Charnley, Managing Director, Liminal

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