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Aite Report Identifies Fraud Trends for 2023

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Financial services organizations are facing evolving fraud threats, leading to a struggle finding the right way to balance customer experience, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, according to a recent Aite report.

The report provides context around how economic conditions influence fraud opportunities and highlights how identity verification and authentication controls remain among the most frequently reported financial institution investment priorities.

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The Fraud Landscape Is Shifting

Fraud is constantly evolving and expanding as criminals adapt their strategies to tap into new revenue channels.


Organizations Continue to Prioritize Identity Verification

As fraud executives face pressure to protect customers, identity verification controls continue to be among the top funding priorities.


Expect Fraud to Remain Elevated

Payment fraud is likely to remain at high levels, while other attack vectors are expected to grow.

Identity verification and authentication controls have enjoyed the two spots getting the most funding for the last several years.” — “Trends in Fraud for 2023 and Beyond.”

— Aite-Novarica, February 2023

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