Are GlobalGateway data sources reliable and independent?
What types of data sources are used for online identity verification on GlobalGateway?
How is the data on each record collected?
How frequently are the data sources updated and how?
How comprehensive is the file? What is the population coverage?
How do you classify data sources in GlobalGateway?
What are some of the data elements that are verified, and how do they match our AML program?
Where is my customer data stored?
How is my data protected?


What constitutes an identity verification, and how is it reported back to us?
How do I ensure the highest possible match rates, while also maintaining KYC compliance and mitigating risk?
How do I test to ensure that all results are consistent and no incorrect matches slip through?
Do I need to vary the rules per country based on regulations/available datasets/available data elements?
Do I get a full audit trail back with all the granular details if the regulator comes knocking?
Do the required fields differ per country?
Are the output results consistent per country, or do I need to cater to different results?
Can I integrate to one API, or do I need a different API for each country?
How long does it take to integrate GlobalGateway?
How can I cost-effectively re-verify customers against a watchlist to fulfill recurring AML due diligence requirements?


What is identity verification?
What is the difference between identity verification and identity authentication?
What is AML?
What is KYC?
What is a Customer Identification Program (CIP)?
What are PEPs?
What is a watchlist?
What is Customer Due Diligence (CDD)?
What is Enhanced Due Diligence?
What is fintech?
What is RegTech?
What is beneficial ownership?
What is business verification?
What is KYCC?
What is KYB?
How can I verify Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO)?