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Reference Paper Hong Kong: Identity Verification

Hong Kong: Identity Verification

Hong Kong is an international financial and economic hub that has recently implemented online identity verification as a viable alternative to in-person transactions. In order to maintain customer online due diligence in Hong Kong, financial institutions must verify customer identity using reliable and independent data sources. Find out more about Trulioo helps businesses in Hong Kong with their identity verification needs by offering a number of reliable and secure data sources, including HKID Validation, public data, and consumer credit bureaus.
Reference Paper Financial Services: AML/KYC Compliance

Financial Services: AML/KYC Compliance

Today’s consumers are tech savvy and expect real-time transactions and access to financial information and services – anytime, anywhere. In an increasingly competitive market, being able to instantly verify your customers is more important than ever before. As your customers and prospects across the globe move more fluidly between their laptops, mobile devices and tablets to transact, there is high demand for banks and money service operators to offer their services seamlessly without interrupting the transaction momentum. Find out how global identity verification helps financial services companies expand their international footprints.
Reference Paper CCPA Compliance: a Systematic Approach to Consumer Privacy

CCPA Compliance: a Systematic Approach to Consumer Privacy

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a comprehensive privacy regulation for companies that do business in California. The CCPA requirements for transparency, access, deletion and consent impact a number of business processes. Companies should look at numerous areas to assess what changes need to be made and develop procedures to ensure compliance. Learn about CCPA requirements, business process considerations, how to develop a systematic approach to privacy and practical steps to help with CCPA Compliance.
Reference Paper Online Gaming & Account Opening Report 2020

Online Gaming & Account Opening Report 2020

For online gaming operators who fail to create an effective onboarding experience, the threat is real. Competitors are a click away, and online gaming enthusiasts have no qualms about abandoning the process. On the other hand, operators that do deliver an effective experience gain a competitive advantage. Learn what consumers expect from a compelling digital gaming experience. Providing the right balance of speed, security and convenience during account creation is a surefire way to establish a trusted and meaningful relationship.
Reference Paper AML/KYC Trackers from PYMNTS and Trulioo

AML/KYC Trackers from PYMNTS and Trulioo

The AML/KYC Tracker, a PYMNTS and Trulioo ongoing collaboration, provides an in-depth examination of current efforts to stop money laundering, fight fraud and improve customer identity authentication. Navigate the often-shifting seas of KYC and AML obligations and learn about the latest solutions, technologies and collaborations that are helping firms to seamlessly authenticate clients and customers. Gain access to the full series.
Reference Paper Verifying ID documents effectively

Verifying ID documents effectively

Digital ID document verification is progressing from an innovative competitive advantage to a necessity. In the digital scenario, photos of ID documents and document holders are verified, either by humans or by software, through automated workflows that check the authenticity of the document. Learn how GlobalGateway ID Document Verification combined with image capture technology can help verify customers with speed and optimal results.
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