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Trulioo’s Data Exchange is a platform available to select data partners and clients interested in providing access to consumer data for electronic identity verification (elDV) purposes. Data Exchange enables clients and partners to set bid/ask prices for elDV on a regional basis. Our partners are put at the forefront in valuing their data used to verify global consumers



Activate your data and grow your revenue. Unlock new business value and revenue streams by monetizing your data through hundreds of global customers with unmatched speed, scalability, and flexibility.


At Trulioo, security always comes first. During the verification process, we simply ping data partners to provide a ‘Verified’ or ‘Not Verified’ result back to customers without ever storing any personal information. Our partners never have to worry about how their data is being used. Trulioo provides global identity verification.


Best privacy practices is a core principle held at Trulioo and we believe it should be pushed to the forefront. We are spearheading a change in regulation and policy to adapt a more ‘User as Owner’ outlook on privacy, where individuals provide permission regarding which entities can access their personal data. This take on consumer privacy creates a trust framework that enables a one-size-fits-all policy that crosses borders and is adaptable no matter where a business or consumer resides.

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