Authenticate users and verify bank account ownership to eliminate fraud.

Implement strong customer authentication to fight against fraud.

Balancing speed and security is a challenge faced by digital businesses worldwide, and especially for those in regulated industries. Businesses that deliver fast and seamless onboarding with high levels of security and assurance continue to win and retain satisfied customers.

GlobalGateway BankID offers strong customer authentication and account ownership verification to help reduce fraud without compromising the user experience. GlobalGateway supports a risk-based approach to your identity verification needs through the world’s widest marketplace of global identity data and services.

BankID instantly verifies bank account ownership before it is used to transmit funds online. This replaces the high-friction, manual, and error-prone process of requiring customers to provide bank statements, voided checks, microdeposits, and other financial documentation, which can take several days to manually review and verify.

Authenticate customers and verify account ownership in seconds.

Significantly reduce fraud by augmenting your identity verification and authentication process with BankID. Here’s how.

  1. The customer gives consent to share their financial information with you to confirm bank ownership.
  2. They log in to their bank and authorize the account(s) for information sharing, for example, their checking account.
  3. The bank information is successfully linked to BankID.

If the customer enters the bank login credentials successfully, BankID can also help satisfy AML compliance requirements through bank account verification.

The customer’s full name and other account details provided during account opening can be verified against the bank’s records. Once verified, bank account and routing information directly from the source is automatically populated in seconds.

Did you know?

73% of consumers are likely to spend more money on a website that uses real-time identity verification as part of a fast and secure account opening process.

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Why choose GlobalGateway BankID?

Widest global identity coverage

Accelerate speed to market with access to the most effective identity products and services across the globe.

Widest global identity coverage

Accelerate speed to market with access to the most effective identity products and services across the globe.

High-assurance identity authentication

Authenticate customers using bank-verified information for increased assurance and added protection.

Bank-grade security

We meet the highest standards of security, including ISO27001, PSD2 security protocols and banking industry best practices.

First-class digital experience

Eliminate lengthy, manual review processes and reduce abandonment rates with a full digital account opening process.

One fast and convenient integration.

Streamline identity verification and authentication
Businesses can orchestrate various identity verification and authentication checks based on varying identity risk thresholds.

Get up and running fast
BankID can be integrated into any existing solution in less than a day.