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GlobalGateway Updates

4.2 Release Notes

Core Services

Customers can now opt in to an enhanced API security feature through the Customer Portal and connect to Trulioo’s service using mTLS. This allows customers to generate and manage mTLS certificates and in future allow them to enforce mTLS across all environments.


Portal Login

Customers are now able to log in using Single Sign On, providing extra security for our customers, thanks to an additional layer of validation provided by the SSO system

Identity Verification

New Data Source additions

New Data Sources are available for the following countries:

  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Romania

Introducing UtilityID

UtilityID is a consent-based identity verification service that uses utility provider data (bills and records) to verify addresses, removing the need for both the manual download, upload and scanning of documents and other high-friction document verification processes.

With UtilityID, Trulioo customers can meet Proof of Address compliance requirements in real time, provide a faster onboarding experience, a higher level of address accuracy, and significantly reduce operation times associated with manual utility document and ID document review.

UtilityID connects directly to over 880 utility providers, currently supporting the U.S., Canada, UK, India, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, Singapore and Australia at significant population levels.

UtilityID is offered via the same API as all other GlobalGateway solutions, making integration easy for our customers and giving them full control over the user journey and experience for their customers.

Introducing our improved Watchlist

GlobalGateway Watchlist is a watchlist screening and ongoing monitoring service, performing KYC, Sanctions and AML checks that ensure customers’ userbases are at the lowest risk of sanction list presence, fraud, money laundering, corruption, financial crimes and terrorism.

One of the most complete watchlist services on the market, GlobalGateway Watchlist is the AML compliance solution of choice for the world’s largest global marketplaces, financial institutions and trading platforms. Fully integrated into the GlobalGateway platform, Watchlist connects to customers’ eIDV onboarding journeys via a single API to provide screening and monitoring of their users against 6,000+ global watchlists and 20,000+ Adverse Media lists – both at the point of onboarding and continuously thereafter. 

Some examples of the watchlists Trulioo screens against include:

  • OFAC
  • U.N. Terrorism list
  • EU Sanction Lists
  • Her Majesty’s Treasury
  • Sam.gov
  • Ministry of Defense
  • The Dept. of Foreign Affairs & Trade
  • OCC

And thousands more.

Document Verification

Improved auto-document capture with Apple iPhones

Improvements have been made to the iOS 15.1 functionality of Document Verification, where users will be able to complete auto-document capture. If a user fails an auto-document capture at least once, then the system will ensure that when trying again, they will be directed to a manual document capture so that they can complete the verification process.

Custom fonts

Trulioo customers will be able to import their own custom fonts into their Document Verification process.

Language interface

Trulioo customers will be able to provide language localization for their users.

Business Verification

Updated pricing structure

A new pricing and service offering structure has been developed for GlobalGateway Business Verification. Please contact Trulioo or your trusted Customer Success Manager for more details.

Business type standardization

Each data source returns different business types in each country and jurisdiction. With this change, Trulioo customers will be able to view standardized values allowing them to automate their processes.

Comprehensive view

The updated results panel will allow Trulioo customers to rely on a single, authoritative view on the business being verified. This is an improvement from the current state, where multiple data source responses are returned (often with varying businesses) and removes the need for customers to figure out which business they are interested in verifying.

Language Intelligence optimization

Improved intelligence between data inputs and results across multiple languages will increase matching on input fields where the data source contains information in a different language.

Data Source optimizations

Trulioo Business Verification customers will benefit from improved performance and data quality.

Improved performance in Germany

Improvements to Incorporation data in Germany will result in improved performance and return more accurate information.

Enhanced EU VAT coverage

A new data source launched provides customers with improved VAT verification rates across the EU.

Revamped guidelines

A revamped API guide is now available on the Developer Portal. This guide progressively encompasses the new offering and capabilities of the GlobalGateway Business Verification service, with new FAQs and Best Practices.

Improved UBO data

Improvements to the UBO data returned in the UK, Denmark and Poland means data is now available in a structured format. In the UK, this data can now contain the Percentage of Shares.

Metaphone matching

Trulioo has added phonetic matching in addition to its existing matching algorithms, resulting in more accurate matching for Business Names, improved performance and time saved.

Older Updates