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Covid-19 Update

As we all navigate these unprecedented times, we want to be transparent with all candidates about our current hiring process. As we are actively hiring, we have adjusted our interview process to be conducted remotely in order to ensure the safety of our employees and all applicants. We will continue to post updates on any changes that may affect this process, and hope that our FAQ will help to bring clarity.

Will hiring activities be impacted by COVID-19 and will my application be affected?

Although the market has been significantly impacted, we are grateful to be able to say that our hiring plans have not been affected. To date, our projected hires are still moving ahead, so keep an eye on our careers page for all of our opportunities.

Should I expect any delays in response times and interview processes?

We have been all-hands-on-deck to ensure that our hiring processes are not affected. We are growing steadily, and will do our best to follow similar timelines.

How has your interview process changed?

Our teams have adapted our interview processes in order to facilitate meetings remotely. We have adapted our hiring processes to provide meaningful conversations with our applicants through phone and video conferencing interviews.

Are Trulioo staff teleworking (working from home)?

In order to ensure the safety of our employees, Trulioo has transitioned our entire workforce into a temporary teleworking option. Currently our offices are open on a strictly optional basis, and staff are welcome to utilize our facilities while following our new safety and social distancing guidelines.

When will Trulioo return to the office?

Currently we are encouraging our employees to continue to telework until the end of the year. We are closely monitoring updates from governing bodies, and will be making informed decisions through public information. We will continue to evaluate the current circumstances as an ongoing process, and update our teams accordingly with their well-being in mind.

How has Trulioo adapted to accommodate new regulations?

While our offices are open on an optional basis, we have implemented new initiatives to ensure the safety of our staff. We have limited the amount of total employees that are present in our office at any given time, and have provided clear regulations on social distancing rules.

  • Those that are present in our office, including guests and contracted agencies, are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on premises, particularly in shared areas.
  • Markers throughout the office to allow the team to easily follow social distancing procedures.
  • Regular and frequent sanitation of the office, alongside provided sanitation materials for staff.
  • Limiting shared items while still providing necessary daily perks.
What steps are being taken to optimize onboarding processes?

While we understand it may be difficult to start a new path in your career on a purely remote basis, we have taken steps to make this process easier for our new team-members, and for our current employees (details may differ between teams).

  • Structured processes and clear instructions on hardware set-up, preparation, and onboarding prior to the first day. In order to minimize contact, we prepare time slots specific to candidates to allow them to pick-up hardware from our headquarters.
  • Onboarding surveys to ensure a positive experience, as well as for feedback and improvements.
  • Regular video check-ins with various members of the team, as well as team based meetings.
  • Video based training and resources.
  • Partner based learning to allow for quick answers in the training process.
  • Using a variety of technologies in order to facilitate remote learning (screen sharing, video conferencing, communication tools).
  • In order to allow new members to integrate well with our team on a remote basis, we are regularly conducting social activities that include a variety of departments. Our new employees are welcome to attend our virtual lunches and happy hours for a relaxed atmosphere in which to get to know our members. We introduce new events each month to engage our remote teams such as, trivia, puzzles, cooking challenges. To encourage our teams to stay healthy, we have hosted wellness campaigns such as: ‘Virtual Amazing Race’, ‘Summer Bucket List’, ‘Step Challenge’, and virtual yoga classes to bring out our inner zen as well as our competitive natures! New events will be added each month.
What do you provide in terms of benefits?

Trulioo staff in Vancouver are proudly covered through ‘Canada Life’ on an extended health and dental plan. For our full-time and qualified employees, our benefits cover life insurance and long term disability. Employees are supported through an employee and family assistance program that facilitates positive mental health and provides assistive services.

How has Trulioo supported the community in this current environment?
  • Trulioo is proud to be part of ‘Stand for Small’, a coalition of more than 40 companies, launched by American Express, providing millions of U.S. small businesses with support through valuable services, offers and access to tools and expertise. Trulioo will provide each small business with 100 free identity verifications per month for three months to help mitigate various types of risks associated with digital identities. Read more here.
  • Through Science and Innovation in Schools (SIS) Trulioo has contributed to an initiative run by Science World that aims to inspire students by enhancing programs, and connecting them with career mentors to better provide access to STEM learning. Trulioo has participated both through a monetary donation, as well as through volunteers during company hours to partner with local schools and lead in-class presentations and activities with students. Read more here.
  • As we have moved our workforce to a teleworking option, we are taking previously used resources in order to benefit our local youth. In lieu of our catered lunches, we have donated to KidSafe providing 450 vulnerable children and youth in Vancouver with the safety, nutrition, and educational programming they need during school breaks and closures.