online comments

YouTube recently announced a new commenting system which will be powered by Google+. The new system will automatically rank comments and even feature threaded and private conversations.

“Right now YouTube comments are a hotbed for spam and idiocy”, says Frederic Lardinois from TechCrunch. By personalizing and ranking comments for each individual user, the new system is looking to get rid of unwanted trolls and spammers. Especially for those who have previously ignored YouTube comments, the new system is a totally new experience. YouTube revealed that comments from the video creator will be ranked very highly and the system will also push up comments from connections in your Google+ circles and even popular personalities. You will still be able to vote comments up and down.

The video sharing website admitted that the old commenting system was flawed and made it easy for spammers to spoil the user experience. TechCrunch reports that users are almost obliged to disclose their real identities when commenting, however, bots can still create a fake Google+ profile and use it as their identity on YouTube.

The new system also stops telling users they’ve been blocked in order to trick them into believing that their comments were posted. While it does not entirely prevent trolling, it is a step forward in terms of improving the quality of the user experience and interaction with the online community.

by Jasmin Kesmez,