Customer Success Story: Global Chain of Convenience Stores

Card not present (CNP) fraud is a serious problem, especially in Australia, where its perpetrators made off with $476 Million (USD) in 2017. The term CNP fraud – coined during the early years of the internet – relates to online transactions involving credit, debit and, to a lesser extent, prepaid cards, where the payer does not need to produce the card in person, in order to make the payment.

CNP fraud accounts for 85% of card fraud in Australia. The preponderance of CNP fraud can be explained by the development of chip technology on card readers, which has drastically reduced the incidence of in-person card fraud, forcing fraudsters to look for new opportunities in the burgeoning economy of eCommerce.

And so, when one of the world's largest chains of convenience stores launched its mobile app in Australia, it wanted to leave no room for any possibility of CNP fraud.

The app, aimed at helping motorists minimize their exposure to the daily volatility of fuel prices, allowed users to lock the cheapest available price for an extended period of time.

Find out how the mobile app used an agile identity verification tool to avert CNP fraud.


Customer Success Story: Global Chain of Convenience Stores

Customer Success Story: Retail App

Learn how a division of a global chain of convenience stores uses GlobalGateway to verify the identity of customers that use its online app.