Callcredit Fraud Summit London

We are delighted to be traveling across the pond to speak at the 9th annual Callcredit Fraud Summit: The Evolution of Trust on September 24th, 2015 at the Royal Institute of Great Britain. This year's event highlights technology, consumer, data and public sector themes.

Trulioo's newly appointed president, Jon Jones, is scheduled to speak during the Data Stream session, which will explore new evolving data sources and techniques to extract value from data to deliver insight for enhanced trust and fraud prevention. This is a hot subject matter considering the amount of data being generated about consumers in recent years. With nearly 20 years of experience in the identity and fraud space, Jon has helped protect consumers and businesses from all facets of fraud and subsequent loss whilst minimizing impact.


To kick off the summit, Dame Stella Rimington, the first woman to become Director General of the Security Service (MI5), will dazzle the audience as keynote speaker with anecdotes from her first-hand experience dealing with subversion, espionage and terrorism. She has penned several books, including her autobiography 'Open Secret', and has become one of the UK's most celebrated secret service fiction writers, with novels including At Risk; Secret Asset; the Geneva Trap and Riptide, amongst her bestsellers. During her time as Director General she pursued a policy of greater openness for MI5, giving the 1994 Dimbleby Lecture on BBC TV and several other public lectures and publishing a booklet about the Service. She retired from MI5 in April 1996. The day is guaranteed to offer attendees plenty of food for thought.

The second half of the session will be divided into four breakout streams:

Technology: This session will explore new technology in the fraud prevention space, looking at technology such as machine learning, biometrics etc.

Consumer: This session will be taking the consumer perspective on fraud and the shift to consumers taking more ownership and control of their own digital identity. The session will include speakers relating to the government’s ID Assurance Program and look at the current Verify service which allows consumers to bring their own verified identity to access government services.

Data: In recent years, the amount of data being generated about consumers has exploded. This session will explore new evolving data sources and techniques to extract value from data to deliver insight for enhanced trust and fraud prevention.

Public Sector: This session is dedicated to looking at Fraud & Error from within local and central government and will include a range of relevant industry speakers.

In April 2015, Callcredit and Trulioo joined forces to power market-leading fraud prevention and anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) identity verification worldwide. Trulioo's electronic identity verification service, GlobalGateway, helped expand and strengthen the Callcredit Fraud an Verification Suite.

“Callcredit is proud of its reputation for delivering innovation across multiple sectors. We have an increasing number of customers within our expanding client base who operate beyond the UK across multiple regions therefore it is essential that we are in a position to deliver international capabilities, particularly when it comes to identity verification," said John Cannon, Solutions Director Fraud & ID at Callcredit Information Group. "By partnering with Trulioo we are able to extend our existing marketing leading capability and are now able to offer our clients protection on both a domestic and international basis."

"Today's economy is built on trust and security," said Jon Jones, President at Trulioo. "The recent onslaught of data breaches, online fraud, and money laundering activities sheds light on how vulnerable we really are, making it a top priority for businesses to tighten security to protect consumer privacy and strengthen AML/KYC processes to fight against financial crime."

What data sources are available for businesses today? How will new alternative data sources impact the industry? How can you ensure best privacy and security practices are being applied to preserve data integrity? How can businesses leverage new technologies and data to provide valuable business insights? These questions and more will be presented during the Data Stream session at the 9th annual Callcredit Fraud Summit.