Our fourth From Follower to Fan tip: Twitter Toolbox. It’s hard to get the job done right without the right tools, so we’ve gathered Twitter tools from across the Internet to determine which ones make it into our Twitter Toolbox! And best of all, they’re all free! If you think we missed your favourite tool feel free to comment or tweet us at @trulioo!

Excellence in Account Analytics

And the nominations are:

  • Klout – One of the biggest players in measuring your social influence, for some, Klout scores are all that matters. They’ve recently redone their website giving it a sleeker look and aside from scores, users can schedule posts and track their influence over different social channels.
  • Twitonomy – A tool dedicated to getting you every piece of information you could possible need about your Twitter account plus your competitors! It also allows users to download reports to Excel should you want to dabble further.
  • Twtrland – Another well rounded analytics tool that compiles stats from your profile, your followers’ profiles and potential influencers’ profiles. Not as in-depth as Twitonomy but comes with a neat feature dedicated to real time statistics.

And the winner is: Twitonomy!twitonomy


Excellence in Key Word Analysis

And the nominations are:

  • Social Mention – A simple tool designed that requires no login, you simply enter a key word and Social Mention takes care of the rest. Uniquely identifies the “sentiment” of a key word, which includes strength, passion, and reach.
  • Topsy – Analytics for the social web, they peruse Twitter’s entire tweet history to mine information with the search terms you specify, giving you an overview with the option of comparing against other words or seeing the trends associated.
  • TweetReach – Self-explanatory, this tool makes it simple to see how popular a keyword is and who uses it the most. You can also search up usernames to see how you fare against the Internet.

And the winner is: Social Mention!Mention


Best in Scheduling and Automation

And the nominations are:

  • Hootsuite – If you use Twitter at all, you know Hootsuite. One of the largest Twitter tools around, their auto schedule feature does all the thinking for you and analyses the best times to reach your tweeps.
  • Buffer – An up-and-coming tool looking to challenge Hootsuite’s reign. They allow you more control over your auto scheduling based on a drip style where users can specify the times per day they want to tweet then queue up some tweets. Additionally, Buffer provides some free content to tweet out if you want to “top up”.
  • TweriodA very in-depth look at how timing affects your Twitter reach. Tweriod generates reports that show when you will get the most exposure as well as when your followers are online. Best used in conjunction with Buffer.
  • TwitterFeed – A unique tool that lets you automatically publish content straight from RSS feeds from either your blog or someone else’s. This makes it easy to get content regularly and promote your content while tracking its impact.

And the winner is: Hootsuite! Although power users may prefer the Buffer/Tweriod combo



Excellence in Follower Targeting and Organization

And the nominations are:

  • Commun.it – A tool organized very well to tell you what actions to take next in building and retaining your growing community of Twitter followers, from who to follow to who to unfollow. For the power users out there Commun.it also has a healthy dose of data, shown in the form of reports, however, these only go back 3 days for the free version.
  • ManageFlitter – Not so much following as unfollowing, ManageFlitter lets users know who to unfollow based on a variety of stats including: possible fakes, how often they tweet, language, and even if they have a profile image or not. Unfortunately, to use the follower function users must purchase the pro version.
  • Followerwonk – Helps you find new influencers within your network based on who your followers follow or who has followed any of your competitors. There’s also an option to compare up to three users based on who they follow or who follows them.

And the winner is: Commun.it!commu


Best Tool

And the nominations are:

  • Hootsuite – Something that belongs in every marketer’s toolbox, Hootsuite is has it all: feeds, scheduling, organization, and stats. What’s not to love?
  • Commun.it – Helping you build your network one follower at a time, Commun.it organizes your list of followers into something structured and worth looking at.
  • Tweetonomy – One of the most comprehensive analytics tools available, you’ll never want for anything!
  • Social Mention– Not all mentions are good but Social Mention helps you differentiate based on sentiment along with a vast array of other statistics.

And the winner is: Tweetonomy!  - Here at Trulioo HQ, big data has always been our first love!