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Trulioo Navigator Helps Build Identity Verification Expertise

Trusted identity expert

March 30, 2023  

At first glance, identity verification might seem simple. But the layers of regulations, advanced technology and complex social patterns can quickly become overwhelming. 

When compliance, risk and IT professionals have an opportunity to learn more about identity verification trends, tools and nuances, they can help their businesses grow. That knowledge fuels enhanced customer onboarding experiences, greater risk awareness and a strong grasp of compliance requirements. 

The Importance of a Trusted Partner

Sharing knowledge is as important as providing the tools and systems that help businesses grow, innovate and build customer trust. An identity verification vendor can:

  • Learn the business’s requirements and help identify problems and opportunities
  •  Communicate with the business about regulatory changes or market adjustments
  •  Continually fine-tune identity verification deployment to maximize operational efficiency
  •  Partner with the business in analyzing performance with real-time analytics and insights

An identity verification vendor can help businesses make sense of customer data, prepare for market or product launches and identify inefficiencies. When a vendor goes beyond the basic identity verification tool to provide educational and consultative services, it becomes a trusted partner.

Streamline Verification Workflow Creation

Organizations that operate in multiple countries and markets face a broad range of onboarding and compliance challenges. Automated workflows can accelerate the process, but they still have to adjust to different requirements in different regions.

When businesses have access to local market information and best practices for country-specific verification, they can quickly fine-tune workflows for compliance, fraud prevention and smooth customer experiences. That workflow expertise helps organizations quickly respond when circumstances change.

A trusted partner can help businesses create workflows that accelerate time to market and deliver superior identity verification match rates right out of the gate. Organizations can confidently expand with workflows for any Know Your Customer or Anti-Money Laundering compliance requirements.

Navigate Global Complexities

Educational resources around verification help organizations maximize productivity and better serve customers.

Trulioo Navigator, part of the Trulioo identity platform, provides those resources to help organizations gain industry insights, learn best practices from leading companies and understand the wide range of verification capabilities.

Navigator helps businesses stay ahead of the curve with workshops, guided resources and customized educational paths about global compliance, workflow orchestration and verification strategies. Navigator tailors insights for each user by offering continuous updates based on the latest data. It helps businesses optimize program performance, maximize platform value, and proactively meet internal and external needs.

Drive global growth through an identity platform with intelligent technology, deep data and ongoing support by trusted verification partners.