Today, Trulioo is proud to announce the launch of the new and improved interface for the award-winning GlobalGateway identity verification portal. We sat down with Rob Hartley, VP of Product at Trulioo, and asked him to provide some insight into some of the key enhancements and what customers can look forward to with the new UI.

GlobalGateway dashboard

KJ: What are the biggest changes in GlobalGateway for portal users?

RH: When our team began redesigning the portal, our primary focus was to enhance the user experience with intuitive design and time-saving features and functionalities. We examined how our customers use our product and looked at how we could make their jobs easier. Some of the biggest improvements that we made to the portal involve navigation and design.

The screens for Verification and Search have changed the most. Verification is where portal users enter the identity information that is verified against a data source. We’ve added intelligence to this screen to improve match rates. Search, which was previously called Transaction Review, is where users can look up previous verification transactions as needed. This screen now provides the ability to get better search results with a higher degree of refinement.

KJ: Tell us more about what’s new in Verification.

RH: We gave the Verification input screen a complete overhaul. When a user clicks on Verification, they will see distinct fields that he or she needs to complete in order to verify someone’s identity. We’ve rebuilt the interface so that it’s more intuitive with a smoother workflow.

The verification rule is now displayed at the top of the screen as reminder of what will be considered a match. And most importantly, we have added “smart fields” that indicate which data sources are going to use the information you enter into the field, and as soon as a data source has sufficient information to perform an ID check, it changes color. By making these changes, we’ve improved the likelihood of identity verification transactions being successfully processed the first time.

Once a transaction has been submitted, the verification results are now easier to read. We’ve re-designed the results matrix so a user can quickly identify which fields matched or didn’t match. There’s now also a red flag that displays when there’s been a hit on a watchlist.

GlobalGateway verification results

KJ: What’s changed in Search?

RH: Users can use more granular options to get better search results. They can also now see the search criteria together with the results in the same screen, which makes it easier to modify their search. With this update, users have access to information all within the same screen, reducing the number of clicks and open windows/tabs.

Another new feature that we’ve added is Quick Search at the top of the screen. By entering a transaction ID number and clicking on the right arrow button, users can go directly and view a specific transaction.

GlobalGateway data source

KJ: What other improvements have been made?

RH: Reference information about configured data sources is now available as well. Users can find out more about which data sources they are using and how data should be entered in each field.

Getting help when using GlobalGateway is also much easier. Instead of going to the Trulioo Support website, users can now directly access online documentation from within the portal.

KJ: To summarize, how would you generally describe the improvements to GlobalGateway?

RH: Based on the comments that we’ve received, our team has been working hard to make sure that we continue to deliver the best identity verification experience to our customers. That means using new technology to improve application performance and response time as well as making the interface cleaner and easier to use.

KJ: How can users submit suggestions for changes in GlobalGateway?

RH: Portal users can send their ideas and suggestions by email to We track all suggestions that come in, and they help us to prioritize what we are working on.

We’re excited by the positive feedback so far during our beta testing, and we are looking forward to hearing from our customers about the new user interface.

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