Trulioo 100,000,000 verified cyber identities

Trulioo is the pioneer and leader in social verification providing reliable identity information to businesses looking to verify their users at login.

“Having access to over 100 million verified cyber identities opens up a new world for business looking to verify their users online” says Stephen Ufford, Founder and CEO of Trulioo, “we are excited to have reached this milestone which validates this new and disruptive technology.”

Trulioo’s mission is to create products that solve current online identity verification challenges in a way that is accessible to both SME and large enterprise customers.  These products leverage big data analytics from many sources including social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter to verify cyber identities in real-time.  The company  has recently surpassed over 100 million verifications, mostly in North America and Europe.

The startup is now on an aggressive path to expand their service into emerging markets around the world.  Ufford explains, “Our goal is to supplant the old antiquated methods that are unable to keep up with new technologies and global demand.”

Customers can sign up now for a trial account to give the new service a try.