For most of the twentieth century, people wanted a career with stability, meaning that they wanted to work in the same industry, often the same company, and sometimes even the same department. However, it's not that simple anymore. The path to success is no longer one straight road. Career paths are now often about moving sideways, not always up. On average, millennials will change jobs 6.4 times and change employers 3.5 times in his or her lifetime.

Is the traditional career path and all its assumptions slowly disappearing? And what factors have contributed to this shift?

Join Trulioo's General Manager, Zac Cohen, on Wednesday, February 10 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm at BCIT where he will participate in a panel with Alice Chen, Deal Advisor for China Business Network at PWC, and Deland Jessop, Founding Partner at Counting Sheep Coffee, to discuss today's unconventional career path. The event is organized as part of The Vancouver Board of Trade's Leaders of Tomorrow Mentorship Program. The event is limited to students, mentors, sponsors and alumni of the program.

We asked Zac a couple questions about the program and how it has impacted his career.

Q: How did you get involved with Leaders of Tomorrow?

Zac: About 15 years ago I participated in Leaders of Tomorrow. It was a new program that offered an opportunity for one-on-one mentorship sponsored by the Vancouver Board of Trade where students were paired up with industry professionals to meet, learn, and build long lasting business relationships. It has significantly grown since, and I recently connected back with the LOT team (as it’s commonly known), but this time as a mentor. Particularly popular with students and mentors alike are the regular LOT hosted events. These are typically a combination of speakers and networking, that focus on different strategies to be successful in today’s business environment.

Q: How has LOT impacted your career?

Zac: Having exposure to someone with real-life business experience at any point in life is valuable, since there's something to learn from everyone. But this is especially true during the transition years from education to career. Along with a mentor's experience, the LOT program allowed me to explore what options were available and how to prepare for a career. And today, with the robust network of LOT members, it continues to be a conduit to business opportunities and a sounding board for success.

Q: What attracted you to this particular panel about "The Unconventional Career Path"?

Zac: Am I a millennial? Not sure. Could you describe my career path as unconventional? Well, let’s just say I’ve heavily contributed to the statistics. But while my professional career has not been linear, the same two passions have driven my decision making throughout and why I was ultimately drawn to Fintech specifically.

Technology: Since my first email account, I’ve been fascinated by the power and reach of the internet. This was a new vehicle that dramatically changed the way we think about business, life, everything. Pursuing ways to either leverage this resource or contribute to it has always been top of mind.

Real challenges = real rewards: Solving real world problems is about having an impact. And you never know what you’re capable of if there’s no risk of failure. I’m drawn to where I can make a contribution against the odds.

So even within unconventionality there are always common threads that influence the decisions we make and the opportunities we pursue. The attraction to world-class technology and an ambition to tackle one of the world’s most glaring issues definitely contributed to my decision to join Vancouver’s leading Fintech startup, Trulioo. Helping the team fulfill their mission of advancing global financial inclusion could not be a better fit.

So, to hear the full story, you’ll have to attend the event!


For more information about Leaders of Tomorrow Mentorship Program and its events, visit The Vancouver Board of Trade today!