Technology against financial crime

Technology creates substantial new opportunities for financial organizations to onboard customers and develop new products and services. Unfortunately, technology also enables criminals to perpetrate global financial crime, especially in the era of rapid digitalization that the COVID-19 pandemic has created. Implementing optimized technologies to combat new frauds and threats is now more critical than ever if financial services companies want to be successful.

RegTech Analyst and FinTech Global are hosting the AML & FinCrime Tech Forum. The forum will be hosted virtually, January 26 and 27, 2021, and is free to attend. Industry experts will share how to:

  • Apply the latest technology to fight financial crime
  • Understand the new risks introduced by the pandemic
  • Deal with detection and identification challenges caused by increased digital activity

Trulioo will be involved in both an industry panel and a workshop, detailed below.

Panel: Deploying new technologies to create an active defense against fincrime

Wednesday, January 27, 1:20 - 2:00 p.m. GMT

Trulioo CEO Steve Munford is a panelist in this discussion of how technology can help defend organizations against financial crime. The panel will address topics like:

  • What are the key areas to consider to develop a robust security framework within your organization?
  • What factors will determine which financial institutions will become the best protected and most resilient industry players over the next few years?
  • How do we identify internal weaknesses and detect internal fraud?
  • How can AI and ML enhance protection, detection and response processes?
  • How do you determine which technologies are delivering on their promise to enhance information security — and which are hype?
  • How can you assess the ROI of different technologies?
  • What are the use cases and applications in which technology can protect against financial crime, AML and fraud?

Workshop: Low code identity verification is changing the game in fraud and KYC

Tuesday, January 26, 2:15 p.m. GMT

The low-code movement is creating a lot of buzz. Attend this workshop to learn how:

  • Low-code identity verification makes compliance and fraud prevention more cost-effective and accessible
  • Anyone, including non-technical entrepreneurs, can easily implement low-code solutions
  • Identity verification makes cross-border KYC and fraud mitigation faster and reduces friction
  • An identity platform streamlines verification workflows by leveraging multiple identity solutions and a network of single-point data sources

Come and meet us online

Trulioo identity specialists will be available at a virtual booth (12:15 - 5:25 p.m. GMT) on both days of the forum to answer questions and provide resources about onboarding, fraud technology and how identity verification can help safeguard your financial organization.

We look forward to talking with you!

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