Step with Refugees

Refugees around the world are fleeing poverty, discrimination, war or persecution. Imagine what it takes to uproot your entire life, carry everything you own on your back and walk with your children for untold miles simply to survive.

To commemorate the strength, courage and resilience of refugees worldwide, June 20 has been declared World Refugee Day by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). All over the world, people from all walks of life are joining a global movement to step with refugees, in solidarity with families forced to flee their homes. You can help show support by taking part in the #StepWithRefugees Global Challenge:

Step 1:

Join the #StepWithRefugees challenge and walk, run, dance, swim 1 km/mile or take any step with refugees.

Step 2:

Post a photo or video of yourself after you’ve completed the challenge and nominate three friends to take a step further!

Join now

Join today and together we will walk, run, and cycle to cover the distance they journey each year to reach safety.

A global issue

Over 70 million people around the world have been forced to leave their homes because of “a well-founded fear of persecution because of his/her race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.” These people might seek asylum in another country, be internally displaced persons (refugees in their own countries) or be returnees, if they return back to their country or region.

Another status is statelessness, describing people who have no recognized nationality and do not belong to any country. Without a state, it’s difficult to obtain identification, causing further problems as they may be excluded from opportunities such as health care, education, voting, employment or basic financial services.

A personal cause

It’s estimated that 37,000 people a day are forced to flee. While the sheer enormity of the issue and the deep systematic causes seem overwhelming, change starts with awareness. People have to better understand the scope of the problem, if there’s any hope of change.

We can each do our part by taking a step on World Refugee Day, and joining together with the global community can shed light on this troubling issue. Collectively, people forced to flee their countries travel approximately 2 billion kilometers every year to reach the first point of safety. Taking part in the 2 Billion Kilometers to Safety campaign, our individual efforts can be part of overall global goal.

There is hope. The world is getting smaller and more aware. Working together we can accomplish amazing things. To show our support, Trulioo employees will be joining the UN #StepWithRefugees challenge and walking in solidary with refugees from around the world. We encourage everyone to do what they can on June 20 to help make the world a fairer and more equal planet. Follow us on Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram to see our latest activities.

Join the #StepWithRefugees Global Challenge

The facts behind the refugee crisis are astounding and heartbreaking. Refugees travel over 2 billion kilometers to reach their first point of safety. There are over 25 million refugees around the world. Complications around official identity documentation and the outbreak of COVID-19 make the situation even more dire.

World Refugee Day - Infographic